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  1. Victor Bravo

    Airplane For Sale Interest in Vari-Eze Projects?

    Our EAA chapter has just been presented with an opportunity to acquire two Vari-Ezes. I have not had a close look at them yet, no photos taken yet, no numerical data. What I do know is that both airframes are complete and have flown safely, they are not crappy but not Gold Lindy winners either...
  2. Victor Bravo

    Airplane For Sale Craigslist Alert: Titan Tornado Jabiru $13K SoCal
  3. Victor Bravo

    EAA Chapter 40 - 10,000th Young Eagle Flight Today!

    Today was a pretty good day for my EAA chapter. We flew our 10,000th Young Eagle in 30 years. One of our members, Denis Oliver, was generous enough to provide a seat for the lucky young girl in his L-39 "Jet1Cup" for this milestone flight ( About Us - JET 1 CUP ). We were even able to leverage...
  4. Victor Bravo

    Help with Chicago Pneumatic "Corner Hammer" mini rivet gun

    My EAA chapter received a gift of several old boxes of aircraft related stuff. One of the tools included was a Chicago Pneumatic model CP 459 "Corner Hammer", which appears to be a mini tight quarters rivet gun. A standard .401 shank rivet set fits. There is no traditional retainer spring, and...
  5. Victor Bravo

    Interest in EAA Chapter / Youth / Non-Profit Airplane Build Program

    This is to gauge and quantify whether there is any interest here in a beginner's guidebook to small organization non-profit fundraising, for the purposes of starting or furthering a group E-AB airplane build program. It occurred to me that a large number of EAA chapters might very much want to...
  6. Victor Bravo

    Parts For Sale Public Service Announcement MC-30 Luciole Project FS

    As I was posting my EAA chapter's airplanes on Barnstormers last night, I happened to see an ad for a partial MC-30 Luciole project - including plans - for sale in Europe. Considering how difficult it is for most people in the USA to begin a Luciole project, this might be a fairly desirable...
  7. Victor Bravo

    Airplane For Sale TWO Airplane Projects For Sale to Benefit EAA Kids Build Program

    I hope this is not too far off topic for this forum, but I also know that these may be of interest to some of the folks here, even on an experimental airplane forum. Two airplane projects were donated to our EAA chapter today, to support our Project: JACKPOT E-AB youth aircraft build. My job is...
  8. Victor Bravo

    Parts For Sale O-320 D3G Prop Strike Engine Core

    My EAA chapter has received a donation of an O-320 D3G dynafocal engine from a PA-28 Cherokee prop strike incident. This was a high-power prop strike incident on takeoff, not one of those "ehhh...maybe we can straighten it a few thousandths" minor events with a towbar or wheel chock. It has a...
  9. Victor Bravo

    Anybody on HBA near Lufkin, TX / EAA 1219?

    One of the most inspirational and "headed toward great things in aviation" young participants in our aircraft building program is moving to the Lufkin, TX area (Dad's new job). This young man is 1000% what Young Eagles, our aircraft build programs, etc. are all about. I've flown with him and...
  10. Victor Bravo

    Parts For Sale FREE BD-5 kit if you pick it up TODAY 9-1-2022 SF Bay
  11. Victor Bravo

    Parts For Sale VW Water Cooled / Rotorway / Porsche Engine NEW in crate

    This is breaking news as of an hour ago, and NO I do NOT have anywhere near "all the info" yet. I don't have it in our hangar yet, I don't have photos yet, and I don't even have the donation form signed yet. One of our EAA chapter members is donating what is apparently a new Rotorway water...
  12. Victor Bravo

    Airplane For Sale Spezio Tuholer Airframe $1950 Madera, CA
  13. Victor Bravo

    Airplane For Sale Flying Flea HM-160 Aluminum Project Pou du Cielistes LOOK at this!

    Freakin WOW! You Flea folks better look at this, somebody was building a sheet metal Flea, and it sure looks like they were doing a reasonable job of it. This does NOT look like a poorly executed junkpile, from the photos it more or less looks like somebody was going in the right direction. I...
  14. Victor Bravo

    Parts For Sale FP202 Koala Project $2000 Colorado

    Looks pretty interesting, very attractive price if the construction is solid.
  15. Victor Bravo

    Longeron Opinion/SWAG Needed

    I know a nice bunch of glazed donut enthusiasts, who are building about a 25 foot static display spaceship, for a movie prop on the new Men in Black 5. One of the parts of this spaceship, the longeron, was originally extruded on another planet, out of 6061-T6 aluminum. We unfortunately can't...
  16. Victor Bravo

    Baseball Legend Vin Scully Takes America Back to School on Independence Day !

    Sorry, way off topic, but I have to share this with you guys first, before it goes out on radio, TV, etc. It started off as just text content I wrote for an e-mail fundraising campaign, then it became an idea for a radio PSA, then Vin Scully came out of retirement at 95 to record it, then we...
  17. Victor Bravo

    Airplane Wanted WANT CH-750 Cruzer Fuselage Kit for EAA/Youth Program

    Sooo... my EAA chapter's youth build program is doing great. We're ready to order the fuselage kit (2 wings nearly completed), and someone just said they heard (not fully vetted yet) Zenith is so busy and backed up on production that they may not be able to get us a kit for a while... like until...
  18. Victor Bravo

    Airplane For Sale Luscombe Project FREE (may need just a little work!) SFO

    Price is right :)
  19. Victor Bravo

    MS 894 Rallye Project Cheap PHX

    One of you monkeys better jump on this immediately ! This is an extremely capable and interesting little airplane that can do very well in short field ops at the same time as being the Cherokee-ish family cruiser. Looks like it might be the 220 Franklin on it too. Not an...
  20. Victor Bravo

    Airplane Wanted 2 Transportation Trips Aviailable 1 CO to CA and 1 SLO to LA

    2 loads wanted for empty trailer! Our EAA chapter has a buyer for an aircraft project (Bellanca Viking). The buyer wants the fuselage delivered to his shop in San Luis Obispo, CA, there will be an empty car hauler flatbed coming from San Luis Obispo to Los Angeles. Your priceless junk, airplane...