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  1. billyvray

    Neat vid of the Wright Bros in 1908

    I thought this group would appreciate this. I've never seen such a good video showing the operation of the Wright Brothers early planes.
  2. billyvray

    Pushers...way to go ?

    Just throwing this one out there: Bill Barber's Snark, in New Zealand. He built a unique pusher. Used his own design flex plate coupling to power the short shaft extension. They also had a reposition-able main gear so it would sit on the nose gear unloaded. He machined an aluminum housing that...
  3. billyvray

    Melanine topped build table?

    I have a melamine topped table in my garage. I love it for general tasks. It clean easily. Epoxy does not bond to it well. White can be drawn on in pencil. But, the torch is going to burn it and make it swell up also. Mine is held on with just 3m spray so I can peel and replace it pretty...
  4. billyvray

    New member, NE Ohio, Considering a Part-103

    I just saw a Minimax , practically brand new, ready to fly, for $4,000. You cannot beat that kind of deal. I'll try to find the ad. edit- found it, it's in California. Think its a K440 engine. Facebook Ad There's a lot of these and others out there if you use the Facebook groups (all I use it...
  5. billyvray

    Airplane For Sale Nice Looking Moni on FB group

    This kit and tools is probably the best deal I've ever seen for a Moni. For $3,000, maybe less, looks like a good clean build, with a KFM engine. It's in Phoenix, Az. Sorry for the phone pics only way I can upload from FB at work.
  6. billyvray

    Classic Side-by-side Two-seaters as LSA Inspiration

    I ran across this vid recently. The Benes-Mraz Be.60 Bestiola. This is a recent replica with a Suzuki engine. Looks to fly well.
  7. billyvray

    Airplane For Sale Savoia Marchetti S-56-B Hull

    You're right. Verner 9 at least.
  8. billyvray

    Airplane For Sale Savoia Marchetti S-56-B Hull

    Oh my, what a pretty machine. This with a Verner 5 would be the neatest thing going.
  9. billyvray

    Cartoonized Warbirds

    Here is a link to some other RC planes, with a cartoon f-4u and ME-109 among them, for free.
  10. billyvray

    Engine ideas

    Toby Ashley runs a Kawasaki from a jet ski. Can push it to pretty high hp numbers for racing.
  11. billyvray

    Floats as hulls ?

    This fit this thread? Not really a "float" but a purpose built design. Pereira Osprey 1, plans still available. Seems like one with a lighter engine would be a rocket ship.
  12. billyvray

    What’s the ultimate homebuilt Cub?

    Sounds kind of like the best cub is pretty close to a Taylorcraft Model D (or L2) - tandem seat I did not realize there was a Model D, since it never went into production.
  13. billyvray

    H-tails and triple tails

    One of the most important aspects has not been mentioned: They look cool... vs.
  14. billyvray

    Staudacher N38ZX

    The articles on him in Epoxyworks are great. Small race cars, hydroplanes, trailers, aircraft.
  15. billyvray

    Briggs & Stratton Vanguard 23hp build

    Here's a video of a Russian fly-in with the Heath replica with the direct drive V-twin. Such a sharp little plane. Couple of things I notice: 1) Not a small fellow and not a huge airport 2) Climb performance is what I would expect. Low. Especially compared to all the trikes with big engines and...
  16. billyvray

    How are carbon propellers made?

    I am curious how the various carbon propellers are made, in particular, the ones like WarpDrive and KievProp ( with a carbon (maybe over a core) with what appears to be a round aluminum hub that is clamped into a central prop hub. My main curiosity is this: is the hub an aluminum sleeve...
  17. billyvray

    Flaglor Scooter plans

    Wonder if he still has any of the old plans?
  18. billyvray

    the definitive Arnold Ar-7 drawing -

    Very cool design.
  19. billyvray

    Quickest way to build a Rag and Tube Biplane

    The quickest way I've learned, on any project, is to START. I've pined about ways to make something quicker, faster, easier. Weeks or months later it's not done, or even started. Had I just begun and got into a work-flow it would have been done, even by more laborious means.