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  1. Peterson

    Kitfox Lite and 4ao84 engine

    Kawasaki and Suzuki both tried large single cylinder motorcycles. 650cc was as big as they could go without unacceptable levels of vibration. Maybe lower prop RPMs would let you go a little larger, but at that point you'd have to build your own since that's about as large a single as I know of...
  2. Peterson

    60% scale Bowers Fly Baby Desk

    More progress. Started with the aluminum skin for layout purposes. Wood is filled and sanded, although I accidentally broke off a nose rib. Once all skin panels are drilled, I will paint the wooden frame (the legs already have their first coat). I plan on polishing the outside to a high shine...
  3. Peterson

    The big video topic

    So I'm not an airline pilot, but it looks like something I might want to get into some day. It's really inspiring (for me at least) to see the progress and success of these pilots who are pursuing their passion. My Arabic isn't as good as my wife's, but there's subtitles...
  4. Peterson

    The Other Side of Auto Conversions

    That is one awesome truck!
  5. Peterson

    Want just ignition control for Renesis

    yes, posted this question there also. I did find an answer though-will require 3 ignition modules for a waste spark distributor less ignition (one each trailing, one for both leading plugs).
  6. Peterson

    Anything still use foam/wood?

    If buying a plane were the cheapest part of owning one, I would go that route. A lot of the homebuilt appeal is the ability to do an overhaul for the cost of parts, use cheaper mogas, etc. Buying a certified would be great for me, until it comes time for a top end. Then I'll be grounded for a...
  7. Peterson

    Want just ignition control for Renesis

    I am wanting to build up a peripheral intake/side exhaust Renesis with a Holley 500cfm carb. Thinking on building a simple fiberglass tube intake manifold to help keep the carb cool (plenty of exhaust/oil heat for preventing carb ice). 2 stage exhaust via tangential muffler feeding into short...
  8. Peterson

    Anything still use foam/wood?

    I have been intrigued by some classic ultralights which plans either are no longer supported for or are not available in English which used polystyrene foam (such as blue Dow) as wing ribs and sometimes even fuselage panels. These are usually capped in 1/16th ply and covered in lightweight sail...
  9. Peterson

    The big video topic

    Wingtip Vortice Accident. Small Robin tried to take off seconds after a heavily laden Antonov 2. Not enough aileron to recover once the pilot flew into the wingtip vortices.
  10. Peterson

    Super simple circle cutter 9"-69" diameter.

    So for just a few bucks at the hardware store, I made this super simple circle cut guide for my jigsaw with a range of 9"-69" diameter cuts. While I probably won't need to cut a full circle at 69", I may be able to use the curve of a 34.5" radius to contour a cowling or fuselage side. I bought...
  11. Peterson

    Pitot tube on wing vs. fuselage

    Cool, so it sounds easier than I thought it would be. That makes exactly one thing :)
  12. Peterson

    Pitot tube on wing vs. fuselage

    So let's say your plane has a removable wing for moving by trailer. The wing attaches with 4 bolts and takes 2-3 guys roughly an hour to set into position, connect the control cables, and get everything tightened down properly. Would it be better to have the pitot tube on the wing with a quick...
  13. Peterson

    The big video topic Matt Chapman and Rob Holland, multiple views. Love the double hammerheads at 3:10 Wish Matt had an in-cockpit camera too, but very nice video from his wingtip mounted camera. Two of the best in the business Embry-Riddle has not taught me to fly like...
  14. Peterson

    Why aren't more auto engines being used

    True, VW and Corvair engines are converted so much you can get step by step instructions plus all the specialty conversion parts quite easily. I'll admit to even being drawn to Corvair conversions myself (even with those evil piston thingies inside;)), however, these are good for about 100HP...
  15. Peterson

    Why aren't more auto engines being used

    Quite a few Mazdas turning in the 150-300HP range. 200 is average for naturally aspirated. Being patient and checking lots of salvage yards can yield a long block for $200 or less. Another $1200-1500 for new seals, getting the housings ported for 6000-6500RPM. It starts to add up for ignition...
  16. Peterson

    HIPEC Finishing

    Post pics when you get around to it, give your impression, etc. You are a pioneer on this forum for Hipec, as far as i can tell, no one else here has used/is using it yet.
  17. Peterson

    HIPEC Finishing

    I ordered the info pack on Hipec from Chris and it has been awarded an STC, so it has that going for it. Haven't used it myself, but leaning that way.
  18. Peterson

    Pride and Pilotage

    The only thing a pilot can't do is accept what he can't do
  19. Peterson

    wooden aircraft plans

    Falconar offers more than Flying Flea plans. His Maranda, Cubmajor, SAL Mustang, and F series plans all have very good reputations for being very detailed and complete. He offers more designs than that, just fewer builders.