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  1. PTAirco

    Why I like Experimental...

    Ah, the joys of the FAA.... Had a form 337 come back the other day. Recovered a right wing on a Pacer Using the Ceconite process and said so on the form. "We were unable to determine which Ceconite fabric, dope or paint type was used..." I said "Ceconite". I said "according to Ceconite...
  2. PTAirco

    Aeronca L3B

    Finally put in the last nut and bolt on Veterans Day, appropriately. She finished and flyable. :Last flight was 1952, it has less than 500 hours airframe time. 157 on the engine which came from another L3 the owner had back then That engine sat in a dusty shop shop since 1952 and I could have...
  3. PTAirco

    FEMAP analysis

    I used to have a trial version of FEMAP and while it was cumbersome to used, I loved it. It wasn't time limited. Somehow however, they changed their policy or something because suddenly mine does not work anymore and if I hadn't scribbled down my results on actual paper, I would have lost...
  4. PTAirco

    DOM versus Seamless drawn

    Given that a piece of 3/4" x 0.035" 4130 steel tube now costs $7.50 a foot, I have been looking at other options. DOM tubing is starting to look attractive for certain application. It is already used for a wide variety of structures (race cars and motorcycles for example) and in an application...
  5. PTAirco

    Another nail in the coffin...?

    Homebuilders in the US are fortunate to have this company as a resource. I remember the first time I saw an Aircraft Spruce catalog in England. I did not know such a thing even existed. It was like opening as treasure chest. I was lucky to have spent the last 20 years within a few miles drive of...
  6. PTAirco

    This is going on my resume:

    A Chief I put back together after the rear fuselage was almost severed by a runway sign did pretty well at Oshkosh. The spiffy interior, which I didn't have a hand in, probably caught the judges eye, but I'm nevertheless pretty stoked that something I worked on was noticed at Oshkosh.
  7. PTAirco

    It's alive!

    70 years after it last flew, my Aeronca L3B came back to life the other day when we got the engine running properly after an embarrassing oversight I won't mention here... All looking good so far. Airframe was built in 1942, engine in 1944, prop from 1947. Almost everything is original; spars...
  8. PTAirco

    A-65 problem

    This one's for Harry or anyone familiar with these engines. I'm stumped.... It's an O-170, a military A-65. 156hrs. Built in 1944. Hasn't run since 52. Wie open it up, inspected it, was very nearly perfect. New bearings, new rings, lapped the valves, honed the cylinders and put it back...
  9. PTAirco

    Electric homebuilt aerobatic glider

    I've always liked classic German gliders from the 20s and 30s and 40s, especially the aerobatic ones. I had a notion lately to come up with something along those lines, except: easier to build and with electric self launch capability. Enough juice to get up to, let's say, 4000ft , shut down...
  10. PTAirco

    Breathers, separators and catch cans

    Sometimes I can't believe how primitive the breather system is on our engines. A rubber hose dangling out of the cowl and spewing oil everywhere . Having done a bit of research on the subject, I figured the must be a better way. There are separators/catch cans available for aircraft and they...
  11. PTAirco

    Experience with Ivoprops?

    I always liked the Ivoprops and was wondering if anyone has any personal experience with them. Particularly the Magnum models. I'm thinking of applications of around 150hp.
  12. PTAirco

    Cartoony airplanes

    Some airplanes just have a certain quality about them: I challenge you to find a more cartoon-like airplane than this one. I believe it was a Lohner and it did fly. But not well. I can only imagine how ineffective that rudder was.
  13. PTAirco

    Once again with the FAA...

    I once tried selling an aircraft I got from the wife of the deceased builder. I should have been prepared for the FAA nonsense I would have to deal with but I was stupid...It ended up a 4 month ordeal. I had a bill of sale from the wife who was the executor of the estate and had a copy of the...
  14. PTAirco

    Airacobra factory video

    Lots of interesting processes shown here. Amazing that even with mass production a lot of the work was down to a guy with mallet and a handheld drill.
  15. PTAirco

    Arizona Flying Circus

    Who's going? It looks a little odd at first glance. but I'm giving it a go. Feb10-13th I believe. The trusty Maule will be hauling camping gear and the girlfriend from Flabob on Friday 11th. I flew over the airport in December while on a trip top Tucson. It's a 2,700' dirt strip but nothing...
  16. PTAirco

    ADS_B on all the time?

    The general consensus around airport bums here was always: If you're not flying inside a Mode C veil area, you don't have to have it. Or if you have it, you're not obliged to turn it on. I hate to say it, but I was under that impression too. However FAR 91.225 states: (f) Except as prohibited...
  17. PTAirco

    Parts Wanted McCauley 76/51 8-hole

    My Maule is in serious need of better climb performance. It has an O-300A with an 8-hole flange. The McCauley 76/51 as used on many Cessna 170s would be a nice choice. I'm only looking for well used but serviceable, nothing fancy but it needs to be the full 76", not something whittled down...
  18. PTAirco


    This thing is gorgeous: Klemm.
  19. PTAirco

    Cub rear seat attachment

    I can't believe with all the amount of Cub-stuff on the net I can't find a picture or drawing of the how the top of the rear seat sling is attached to the fuselage. Anybody out there near a genuine J3 that can snap some pictures? I sat in that seat often enough but I never really looked behind...
  20. PTAirco

    Wanted: Lycoming O-360-C1f or -C4F

    I have been looking for two years now, to no avail. I need on for my Maule M4, currently very underpowered with its O-300. Has to be this specific model to work with the factory modification. Only ever used in Maules, Scouts and not much else. Differs from other O-360s mostly in the flat...