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    B21 Reveal

    You should know that answer: Apaches on edit: Oops, I see someone beat me to it.
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    I.C.E. is dead, Long Live I.C.E.

    I sometimes bite my tongue when I get around the discussions regarding renewables but I hope we are open minded enough to be able to discuss them from different points of view. Wind projects exist on land mostly because of cash or tax subsidies. I/we get involved in both construction and...
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    So many reasons to use a P.S.R.U.

    Just to flesh out the PSRU topic a bit: We need to give credit to Ron Shettler for Rotax ever making first: and engine with a bolt pattern to accept a PSRU and their well designed and developed gearbox itself. We owe much of the success of powering a massive number of airplanes to the quality...
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    Pushers...way to go ?

    First of all, LOVE your airplane. I have 3 tractors: farm, highway and earth moving. Worth noting the D5 does most of its work as a pusher, seldom a tractor.
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    I.C.E. is dead, Long Live I.C.E.

    Yup, there are many promising technologies for both separation and storage. Just a matter of time until the most practical ones become commercial.
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    Pushers...way to go ?

    the inflow field to the pusher is much larger and lower overall velocity than the slipstream from a tractor that hits those same interferences with a LOT more energy to lose.
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    Conversation with Battery Designer

    I assume this is the tech used in aircraft Li Fe batteries?
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    Conversation with Battery Designer

    I am not at liberty to reveal WHO or where the company and principals are, but: yes, they are expecting something like 3 to 4x charge rate of Li Ion. Expect 2 to 3 years to get to the end of the R&D programme. I can see something like this being worthwhile for a series hybrid to give takeoff...
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    I.C.E. is dead, Long Live I.C.E.

    Industry leaders will mostly tell you that the near future of aviation is SAF with H2 the more distant path. I have some knowledge (that unfortunately I can't share) of what might be practical Hydrogen storage suitable for aviation. Originally intended for fuel cells they soon realized the...
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    Pushers...way to go ?

    actually, for bypass fan engines, most of the thrust is from a tractor arrangement of a ducted fan.
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    Conversation with Battery Designer

    Anyone who reads my posts knows I am extremely opposed to BEVs in aviation. There is simply no known or even imagined technology that can give sufficient energy density to meet aviation needs outside of extremely short duration/low payload missions. On top of that, the current infatuation...
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    Pushers...way to go ?

    While tractor props are simple and have the massive benefit of moving away from FOD on rotation, pushers are hardly missing from the scene. Some extremely ambitious Wiki contributor produced this article: List of pusher aircraft by configuration and date - Wikipedia Personally, one of my...
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    Least expensive way to 200 + Hp ?

    Does anyone know what became of TRACE, the type certs, the tooling, etc.???
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    STOL verses bush aircraft

    I lived and flew in the North of MB/SK/AB/territories for a decade. When I went from renting 172s to my own a/c everyone told me I should have a Supercub or Maule for "bush" flying. My answer was that most places I need to go the clients operate DC3s, F28s or 727s off of their gravel strips so...
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    Power E-Bike Batteries Have Caused 200 Fires In New York

    I had an interesting meeting with some battery and materials people yesterday. Now, anyone who knows me realizes that IMHO Li Ion batteries are the work of the Devil. What I learned was that part of the problem with them lies in the separation materials that keep one conductive layer apart...
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    Adam 500

    Having trouble understanding how one could certify something as flakey in the design side as that! Or, I guess more to the point: who would continue to throw money at a project that misses the mission of an airplane (and thus the market) by such a wide margin?
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    Adam 500

    Thanks for that. The story I read was from a former employee that had some nasty things to say about Mr. Adam - a lot of financial malfeasance involved it would seem. Couldn't figure out how 1 very overweight prototype flow to OSH would have resulted in certification and delivery of...
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    Adam 500

    We were watching an episode of Mayday/Air Crash Investigation/Air Disasters yesterday and in the background of the hangar being used for filming was the one and only Adam 500. I read some Wiki and other stories on line, but now curious about the actual design of the airplane. Sounds as if the...
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    I am not building an aircraft. I was searching for information about the Pegasus Motor Corp. 57 HP would be light for my 7AC

    Pegasus turns the engine at 2900 to get more HP but as you mention I have never heard of an O-200 getting anywhere near 95 HP, so the 57 number seems quite a stretch.
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    Engineers Explore Radical New Designs for Commercial Planes To Cut Energy Consumption and Emission

    Gee NASA us going to bail out Boing Boing from the Max debacle by giving them a billion dollars to invent what Hugo Junkers patented in 1910. Now THAT's progress!