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  1. cdlwingnut

    Painting with latex house paint

    I have decided to use a quality latex house paint on my airplane. If any of you have used this for yours did you use any fabric sealer or primer first or just start applying coats of paint?
  2. cdlwingnut

    Had an oops what would you do

    of course on my last tail feather I had an uh oh. I had to cut a slit for the rudder horn to do through the fabric but when I shrunk the fabric the slit ripped some more and opened up. I put a patch on it, and it is in an area where there will be another reinforcement patch and a tape. but it is...
  3. cdlwingnut

    Rotax 503 Question

    I am putting a rotax 503 on my airplane in the tractor configuration. could i get away with removing the shroud and fan to keep it cool. I don't plan to tightly cowl it. Just wondering if free air would be enough for it with the prop wash blowing over it?
  4. cdlwingnut

    No Excuse Now

    With no NCAA tournament, or sports at all. No movies, and bars closing. We have no excuses for not turning wood, metal and composites into airplane parts, and those parts into airplanes. Here's to making some progress on our projects and seeing some happy completion posts.
  5. cdlwingnut

    Rotax 550

    I was just surfing the web on a snow day and came across the rotax web page and then saw this engine by the picture and specs it looks like a replacement for the old dual carb single ignition 503. any thoughts on possibly...
  6. cdlwingnut

    Is one gallon worth it?

    I have a 6 gallon boat tank in the fuselage of the ultra-piet that I'm building. I am putting a rotax 503 on the front of it so I'm guessing a fuel burn between 3 and 4 gallons an hour. that means 6 gallons will give me around 1 1/2 to 1 3/4 hours. I don't have much room for more fuel but could...
  7. cdlwingnut

    Wood for box spars?

    I am afraid my source of douglas fir flooring has been cleaned out only a few boards left none of the ones long enough to use in spars are near good enough with grain and runouts. The yard does have some very nice board of white pine and poplar. So will one of those work if so which to choose...
  8. cdlwingnut


    I have a matco 6 inch solid single arm tailwheel which should work but I would like a little smaller wheel will the vans 4th 4 inch wheel fit on this assembly
  9. cdlwingnut

    Cheaper pullies?

    My plans call for pullies like these at $22 a pop i will need 9 of them is there a cheaper acceptable alternative or just get out the card and pay up?
  10. cdlwingnut

    Rotax 503 will this work

    I got around to digging the rotax out and it appears to be meant for a snow machine. Can this be made to work on an airplane and if so what parts will i need?
  11. cdlwingnut

    Rotax 503 fuel burn?

    I am planning to use a rotax 503 on my plane. I have been reserching what to expect for fuel burn. Ive found anywhere from 4.5 to over 6 us gallons an hour. Those with time flying a 503 powered plane what did you average?
  12. cdlwingnut

    6061 vs 6063 alum.

    Just so you know i plan on using 6061 on my plane for alum. Struts and such but in serching locally i cant find it but can get 6063. Again i plan to just order from spruce but is there a big difference between the 2
  13. cdlwingnut

    What size bungee

    I am getting ready to place an order from ACS for parts to build the landing gear for the ultra piet. I plan to do the jenny style with the bungee cords. The plans dont specify a size only that i need 2 3ft lengths i see ACS has 4 6 8 and 19 inch diameter sizes. Which size should i get?
  14. cdlwingnut

    rotax 503

    are the tools needed for a rotax 503 metric or SAE
  15. cdlwingnut

    Wrenches and other tools

    My project isn't at my home but at the airport where I work. I am not a mechanic but I do enjoy helping them when the airplanes i fly need maitenance. I have found that a lot of my home tools have migrated to the airport and have bought a few for the project. I have nice tools at home some were...
  16. cdlwingnut


    I'm thinking it is time to start varnishing my tail feathers. Can you use most varnishes such as minwax from Menards or is it much better to get the polyfiber stuff
  17. cdlwingnut


    my plans call for rudder and elevator hinges .060 thick 1 1/2 wide with a .125 pin i went to ACS and all I can find are these will they work or do i keep looking?
  18. cdlwingnut

    ordered some wheels, I hope they work

    after hunting, pondering, and researching, I ordered these up for my Ultra-Piet, I hope they work, I plan to put band brakes on them
  19. cdlwingnut


    My plans call for baltic birch or finnish birch, I see Aircraft Spruce has finnish birch and domestic birch both meeting aircraft specs, the domestic birch being cheeper, can domestic be used or is finnish birch that much better? Also a local lumber yard (not a big box) has baltic birch in the 5...