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  1. TerryM76

    Engine Test Clubs

    Does anyone know of any guidance for developing engine test clubs? I've got a few engine projects in the works and am considering doing some testing with a suitable clubs, if I can obtain or produce them. Thanks. Terry
  2. TerryM76

    Stits Playboy Anyone in our group that could take a look at this one? I find it somewhat appealing but I often like the unique ones. Too bad its all the way there and I am all the way here. Going to the hangar today to see...
  3. TerryM76

    Best bang for the buck using 1/2 VW.

    Which part 103 ultralight or something other than an ultralight gives the best overall performance using a 1/2 VW?
  4. TerryM76

    Cart before the horse?

    i believe that most people here decide upon a particular aircraft and then choose an appropriate engine for that aircraft? How many others pick a particular engine for a variety of reasons and then seek out an aircraft that is suitable for that chosen engine?
  5. TerryM76

    Issues and Solutions for kit- and plans-based sailplanes and motorgliders

    Moderator Note: I forked this discussion off to its own thread, as it's really no longer related to the ESA Western Workshop thread where it began. - Topaz ------------------------ I regret not being able to attend last year but I am glad that 2018 is in my rear-view mirror now. Obviously a...
  6. TerryM76

    Auction Finds

    Our annual spring auction by Starmann Bros was this weekend. I always attend and was there on Friday and Saturday procuring items for our school as well as picking a few items for myself. For some insane reason I bid on a Ranger L440 engine and won the bid. Now I have that engine and a bunch...
  7. TerryM76

    Conical engine mount for PA12/O-235

    I am currently looking for a conical engine mount for a Lyc 0-235 installation as used in a Piper PA-12. It's for a Homebuilt project so it doesn't need to be long as it can be repaired.
  8. TerryM76

    Weight reduction

    Mod note: This was in the "Batteries" thread but I thought it deserved its own discussion: Which alternator are you using?
  9. TerryM76

    Corben Super Ace plans/drawings

    Does anyone have a set of Corben Super Ace drawings/plans they would like to sell? Terry
  10. TerryM76

    Instrument Panel Punches

    Does anyone have a set of lightly used or new instrument panel punches they would like to sell.....not looking for a donation or freebie.... Terry
  11. TerryM76

    Fitting a new nose cowl.

    While performing the restoration work on my Pober, I decided to replace the nose cowl and associated sheet metal. I ordered a new cowl from Aircraft Spruce and upon its arrival began the preparation work. First task was to clean up the edges of the center hole using files and sand paper. I...
  12. TerryM76

    Aircraft Build Project for High School Students

    I have been considering making a proposal to our school administration for an aircraft build project that will cover most subjects required by a Part 147 A&P program. This project would also require involvement from other departments for welding, CNC and Avionics. This would be an attempt to...
  13. TerryM76

    Flying Magazine article from the 70s.

    Back in the 1970s, if I recall correctly, there was a Flying Magazine article that featured a story about a B25 and a picture of it was in the center pages. I believe it was owned by two brothers in Kansas and they flew out of a grass strip. I recall a picture showing the bomber in a steep bank...
  14. TerryM76

    Help with an aircraft purchase.

    Ok, you guys are pretty good with advice and coming up with ideas most of the time. I am really interested in purchasing a Homebuilt aircraft that is in East Tennessee and I am in Arizona. I have seen numerous pictures of the aircraft and I saw it in-person about 24 years ago. Talked to the...
  15. TerryM76

    Keleher JK-1 Lark Yahoo Group

    Today, a dedicated Yahoo Group was created for enthusiasts, builders and flyers and anyone interested in the Keleher JK-1 Lark. Please visit