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  1. Monty

    Scanning Old Plans

    After a bonsai 2.5 day insane trip to Ontario, I have a new project in my hangar. The sheet metal work is very nice, unfortunately the state of the plans is not that great. There are only about 5 of these airplanes flying and I would like to preserve the plans. Anybody know anything about...
  2. Monty

    Delta wing airfoil

    Or perhaps lack thereof. Thinking about the FacetMobile and the tail design on the Sonex series of aircraft..... Suppose you use all the vortex tricks, and simply make the center portion of the wing flat with the ability to droop the leading edge and trailing edge like so: Very easy to...
  3. Monty

    Best/Worst States for GA

    I'm curious.... AR...has a horrible use/personal property tax regime. Aircraft are considered business property and assessed accordingly. If you sell the aircraft you must collect 7% sales tax. I had to pay about $900 dollars in use tax, plus annual business personal property tax for the...
  4. Monty

    Mixed Aluminum and Fabric Construction

    Lately I have been pondering whether a very light aircraft could benefit from the combination of Fabric and aluminum Semi-Monocoque construction. For example: Use fabric for all of the control surfaces. Use fabric for the aft portion of the wing with an aluminum leading edge D cell to take...
  5. Monty

    Baffling Baffles and Inlets

    Moderator Note: Split this discussion off from the "What did you do on your airplane today" thread. /Note Perhaps we should have a baffling baffles thread. I certainly learned a few things while fixing mine.
  6. Monty

    Lycoming O-290 D2 pushrod tube seals

    I need to replace a couple of my pushrod tube seals. When I removed my valve cover expecting to see a little retainer plate holding the pushrod tubes in I had a nasty surprise....there aren't any!. So I guess I have to loosen the cylinders to replace the tube seals. The overhaul/maintenance...
  7. Monty

    Wood Constant Speed Prop Blades

    A lot of older constant speed props used wooden blades. The Germans, including MT continue to use wood core composites. The retention system is a series of lag screws in a stainless steel cup that interfaces the bearing in the hub. Does anybody have ANY info on: 1.) the lag screws (they are...
  8. Monty

    Motor Mounts: Hard or soft?

    I've noticed that most large multi-cylinder engines have hard mounts : Allison/Rolls/Daimler Benz The Wittman tail wind V8 was also hard mounted. simple, light, easy to construct. It greatly simplifies the cowling design if the engine is hard mounted. Smaller engines have compliant bushings...
  9. Monty

    Pitts S1C

    Want a good, straight flying Pitts, preferably 160-180hp: doesn't need to be a show plane. Have money, hanger, and blessing of instructor and wife (not the same person)....she knows I have good insurance. Instructor and wife not acquainted. :gig:
  10. Monty

    aerobatic newb impressions

    1. WOW! 2. FUN! 3. YOU SHOUD DO THIS! 4. a citabria is a pig in a roll.....unlike the RV. 5. really hard to overcome instincts to avoid spins. Once you do they are fun. 6. Loops and lazy 8's are my favorite. 7. accelerated stalls are ugly to the left with normal prop rotation...
  11. Monty

    Sailplane Pilot Design Sickness

    I decided to start this thread after Autoreply started to exhibit symptoms in another thread. Hi, my name is Monty and I'm a recovering SPDS sufferer symptoms: 1. irrational induced drag phobia 2. complete L over D derangement 3. severe laminar flow dependency 4. fixation on Parsons bodies...
  12. Monty

    Projects that get in the way....

    Does anybody else have projects that get in the way of your airplane project? I do. The Jeep is the big one, nearing completion. To give you an idea how far out of control this got, here is the frame: Then there was the rebuild the cooling baffles project: Share your roadblocks :gig:
  13. Monty

    How safe is safe enough? people are constructing indestructible crash proof vehicles (......Steve!....) And I'm working on a death trap. I have wet wings....leading edges. The first thing to take damage in a crash, and I'm surrounded by some 1X1X.125 angle and 30 thou aluminum sheet. Not much energy absorption...
  14. Monty

    The big engine small plane problem

    Something that seems to be lost on many people. You can only afford a certain fuel burn in a small airplane, in both dollars and range. Increasing the cruise fuel burn through any means: larger engine, turbo, whatever; impacts the design in a negative way. You must fix the landing speed at...
  15. Monty

    Tapering the flaps and ailerons on a constant chord wing??

    The ultralight foot launched sailplane thread inspired me to ask this question. If you take a constant chord wing with one of the standard turbulent NACA sections and then add a slight taper to the flaps and ailerons, what is the effect on the wing lift distribution and other characteristics...
  16. Monty

    Preventative Maintenance......Plug wires/Plugs

    My fishing trip was OK. Not the best, not the worst. We caught about 50 fish in two days of hard fishing. Weather wasn't too bad. Usually we would have caught 50-75 per day, but that's fine, it was a good time all round until...... We got in the plane to head home. My first clue that something...
  17. Monty

    Flat Patterns in Rhino

    I said I would do this a while back and got distracted. Anyway, here is my method for creating surfaces for sheet metal fabrication in Rhino. I don't count on this being accurate enough for matched hole type construction. Therefore, I only lay out the rivet pattern on the outer sheet. It is easy...
  18. Monty

    Thick skin Laminar airfoil.

    In reading one of Orion's posts in another thread he mentioned using a thick (.035) skin with countersunk rivets (not dimpled) to achieve a smooth wing profile. I thought this deserved more discussion, since aluminum and laminar profiles are usually considered to be mutually exclusive. Lets...
  19. Monty

    CAD to CAM best methods for sheet metal

    I started this in response to a post in the CNC plywood aircraft thread because the question and response were specific to metal construction and I thought it would be a good idea to have a metal specific discussion. I'm doing this right now. I gave up on matched hole construction. Even with...
  20. Monty

    Plastic Deformation and Material Properties of Aluminum

    Does anybody know of a good source of information on the effect of plastic deformation on material properties for aluminum? For instance, when one forms a wing rib from 6061 T6 sheet what does the process do to the properties of the aluminum? Likewise, If you were to introduce a 10 degree bend...