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  1. samyguy

    Roger Mann is building a new, affordable Ragwing ultralight.

    Roger Mann is Allergic to Epoxy Glues
  2. samyguy

    ratrod Nebraska

    I flew out of Pester , Crete , Wahoo
  3. samyguy

    ratrod Nebraska

    Hmm, I was from Lincoln Ne. where are you flying out of ??
  4. samyguy

    Spezio TuHoler landing gear bungees

    I think there should be some colored rings/bands on the cloth cover that is a code for size and pounds of pull/weight support
  5. samyguy

    Help with a Kawasaki

    plugs look good , I'll open up the vent hole in the cap some more. I'll try Donald's timing light test, sounds like a good one. I got ohm spec's from J-Bird , Chuck also said to pull exhaust and check piston/cylinder visually thanks Guys
  6. samyguy

    Help with a Kawasaki

    CDI ignition, so no condenser. Just went thru fuel lines and filter, good flow. Running good for several different taxi runs/test and run ups. Just all shorter run times up to failure. Then struggling to make 2840rpm, changed plugs same thing. Waited over night to cool off, starts up fine...
  7. samyguy

    Help with a Kawasaki

    or where to get parts
  8. samyguy

    Help with a Kawasaki

    Have Kawasaki 440A in a Dream Classic strut. I was doing ground testing, the jetting was spot on, by EGT/CHT gauges. Was starting hop testing, Getting 6250rpm ground on run up. Went to go an died off would not make more than 2850rpm. Hmm I get new plugs again, so I push back to hanger, and...
  9. samyguy

    RC prop Help a first time builder

    how many hours run time do you think you could get from this motor ?? what thrust values are you wanting to get ? Pounds of pull ??
  10. samyguy

    Land ownership ?

    Had a neighbor at one time who had problem like this. New owner/farmer came in dosed the fence away and planted his seed/fertilizer. Thought he was pretty shrewd figuring out he could buy 60 and get 20 for free. Turnabout was fair play for the original guy living there. He got his tractor and...
  11. samyguy

    Dudule is here

    do tell more
  12. samyguy

    Rotax 503 throttle problem

    your looking at almost half throttle there. Better pull the carb and see why it's not closing all the way
  13. samyguy

    Heath Parasol on floats EAA Flying and Glider Manual Five-Volume Set
  14. samyguy

    Heath Parasol on floats

    I have been looking for plans for the 260# Heath Super Parasol. Any body have any leads on finding such a thing ???
  15. samyguy

    AirVenture 2022: Where have all the Ultralights gone?

    was that hillside airport south of KC
  16. samyguy

    Lighweight opposite 2-stroke engines

    erkki67 More info on or link for this twin engine , carbon fiber, ultralight Please and thank you
  17. samyguy

    Winter shop heat......

    I have waste oil for heat 3 different places, over 35years. Once word is out you take used oil to heat your shop, You will ever run out. And it's free. Just have to engineer a system that works for you and you feel safe with.
  18. samyguy


    what if it's a soft pack? local rigger can do those??