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    Biplane Lift Distribution Questions

    The foremost wing will always be at a higher angle of attack and take more load than the rearmost wing. The distance the wings are apart determine the "interference" of the pressure areas of the wings. It is 20 years since I designed the "Woodpecker" reverse stagger bi-plane but I think there...
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    Honda K20C1 FK8 Auto-Engine Conversion

    Owner jump started the engine. Just after take-off the battery overheated, burnt through the fiberglass battery box. Battery on fire then exited the aircraft. Luckily, the battery still had enough weight to break the terminals. Engine stopped dead. Glided down with no further damage to airframe...
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    Honda K20C1 FK8 Auto-Engine Conversion

    The battery becomes the SPOF. We had a battery ( Li-ion) fail and rendered the twin switchable CPU's inoperable! OOPS! Twin ECU's should have 2 batteries.
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    Curtiss-Stinson Special

    My thought are with you Jeff all the way from Australia. If we could make you feel any better, we would.
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    A Good Use for CFD

    Ha Ha ha... thanks for the laughs!
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    France's Top 10 UGLIEST Aircraft

    I like the French Jurca Sirocco and ULM Sirocco.
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    Modern jet Airplane drag

    Thanks Norman, I had never noticed this!
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    Composite or aluminium fuel tank?

    This is the way I have been doing tanks for 45 years now. Never had a failure. Made 1000 tanks for a machine that cleans and calibrates fuel injection systems, tested each tank before delivery, had very few I had to re-seal. Vinylester is better at chemical resistance than epoxy. Always paint...
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    Hoverbike debuts at Detroit Auto Show. Let the Stupidity loose

    Kittyhawk has given away the urban airborne mobility game. I think there is going to be more to put it in the "too hard" bin! Any flying object that can glide or auto-rotate is doomed. Just my $0.02 worth
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    Ducted fan aircraft

    There is a couple of really good hovercraft builders in the UK and the USA that can supply both the fan and the ducts for a very reasonable prices. I have used these on the hovercraft I have built and they worked well. The nylon fan blades are incredibly tough and will survive when composite...
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    Why isn't the push/pull twin more popular ? What you say.

    Hoffmann make a simple 3 position prop with climb, cruise and feather as their settings. The added complexity of fully adjustable pitch may not be required. I would only like a mechanical pitch change system.
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    Paul Moller’s 50-year dream to build a flying car won’t die!

    I like the idea of flying my car above all the dangers on the road. Even the cheapest drones have auto stabilization, return and land functions and lots of other trick stuff. Sailplanes already have the FLARM system where they talk to each other and the ADSB in /out to help you not run into...
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    Wing loads

    Crawford has a list of specs for lots of different aircraft. Early homebuilt aircraft, production aircraft and fighters.
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    Sadler Vampire SV2 fiberglass POD & more - NEW

    Camden Airport, near Sydney in Austalia.
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    Laurent Fabre’s design ideas

    A lot of the engineering "conventions" that we have today is because designers have tried different things in the past and a few have died because of their choices. We are not saying that an idea is right or wrong, just be aware that you will be a test pilot if you get away from the...
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    Ducted fan aircraft

    Thank you for your book. I used it to design the ducted fan in my first flying car. I found that keeping the tip clearences close in the composite structure was a problem. I ended up using a fan in a ring in a duct which also increased the mass flow. The flow straighteners are certainly worth...
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    Crashes in the News - Thread

    Did someone do a weight and Balance after the engine change?
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    Chem Trail Fluid

    Yep, every time I correct someone about this I become a "chemtrail denier"! Ignorance must be bliss.