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  1. skydawg

    Private Pilot Training in Experimentals

    Keep getting questions from prior post about learning in EXP's, and some wanting to do what we did in building a EXP to learn to fly in..... so thought I'd give update on our experience & some advice. In a nut shell, we designed and built an alternative engine for certified airframes with...
  2. skydawg

    Safe transfer of fuel from portable cans cans to fuel tanks

    Found an easier way to transfer fuel from plastic gas cans to c172 plane using simple & cheap jiggle siphon hose. Works great, empting 5 gal can in about 3 minutes….. I let it flow as I do walk around. I use regular ethanol car gas, so fill cans on way to airport. The flow is fast enough that...
  3. skydawg

    Parts For Sale free to good home, c172 wheel pants

    set of original c172 wheel pants in good condition just pay shipping (and box) from zip 80916, or can pick up.
  4. skydawg

    Foreflight compatibility with TALOS avionics system

    Anyone using Foreflight with TALOS avionics EFIS and ADSB box? I can’t them to communicate.
  5. skydawg

    MOGAS TAX rebates

    Seems there is a lot of us lucky enough to be able to burn MOGAS. Curious how many are getting the street and highway taxes back, and what their state requires. I have a V8 conversion in a c172 and rarely burn AVGAS. I fill up my SUV across the street from the airport with 85 octane ethanol car...
  6. skydawg

    Compact Low Volt warning lamp interest?

    Because my V8 engine on our C172 requires electrical power to keep the prop turning, we designed multiple layers of redundancies, most are in the software that controls the engine. But we wanted a self-contained big red idiot light that would illuminate if voltage from either battery drops below...
  7. skydawg

    Parts Wanted Wanted: Narco MK12 mounting trays with connectors

    Looking for some trays complete with connectors/terminals…. Need the Narco type, not the original Cessna radio type as my radios are not the direct Cessna replacement type. thanks
  8. skydawg

    V8 engine Cessna 172

    Finally had some time to take some in flight testing videos in our Cessna 172 with our V8 engine design. I tried to explain some of the features of the engine during the flight that some of you have asked. Hope some find it interesting. Here is YouTube link below, or search Corsair V8 Cessna
  9. skydawg

    Suggestions/feedback for new production engine

    Hello Fellow Experimenters We are completing development on a new piston engine product line for aircraft up to 350 HP for experimental aircraft. The engine uses an aluminum V8 marine engine foundation, modified for the aircraft mission. The engine is controlled by a redundant electronic fuel...
  10. skydawg

    most concerning LS3 conversion issues?

    working on a LS3 conversion and wanted to solicit any input/notable concerns/suggestions that might reduce the learning curve. Thanks
  11. skydawg

    Need some expert prop help

    Here's the deal: I am putting a Chevy V8 on a C172 (don't ask). The engine is limited to 210 HP by RPM limiter (2700 engine RPM max) and will be attached to a PSRU capable of a 1.7 to 1.2:1 reduction ratio (depending on best RPM for performance), so prop RPM can be anywhere from 1600-2250 max...