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  1. TiPi

    Wake turbulence of paper plane

    Here is a very interesting video showing the wake turbulence of paper planes :)
  2. TiPi

    Exhaust pipe fabrication helpers

    I have just come across these devices to make the fabrication of exhaust systems (and intake or any other weldable pipe work) a lot easier. Many of them can also be DIY aids. I like the tacking band idea and will make some for my build.
  3. TiPi

    B&S 49-series (810cm3/49ci) for aircraft use - TiPi's Q&A thread

    I'm starting this thread specifically to answer questions directly related to my Project Log ( B&S 49-series (810cm3/49ci) - TiPi's conversion for aircraft use), in an attempt to keep all information together as much as possible. My engine:)
  4. TiPi

    B&S 49-series (810cm3/49ci) - TiPi's conversion for aircraft use

    It has been suggested to open another thread specific for the conversion of the Briggs & Stratton 49-series of vertical shaft engines to an economical and reliable aircraft engine. So here it is:) The Briggs & Stratton 49-series family currently (2019) consists of 4 streams of engines...