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  1. Little Scrapper

    Steel parts finishing

    Hi guys. Question. I’m undecided on what finishing system to use for the Baby Ace but I do need to prime and paint some steel parts coming up fairly soon. I like Stewarts and Airtech system but that could also change. I want gloss black as my fuselage color. Given that I’m still undecided on...
  2. Little Scrapper

    Turtle deck cubby ideas

    I’m jumping on the TD for the second time. Round two because I wasn’t happy with the 1st one. Any cool ideas for a door or a storage idea for simple light weight goods? I can recut the main bulkhead and make it solid, or use the plans one and add to it somehow. Here is what Paul did. If you...
  3. Little Scrapper

    The small Continental thread

    I need some help. I have never built a aircraft engine and I need/want to build one of the small Continentals for the Baby Ace. I have pretty extensive knowledge of personally building small block Chevy engines and motorcycle engines but not these little air cooled Continentals. I started a VW...
  4. Little Scrapper

    RV 15 - High Wing Backcountry

    Vans announced a new high wing back country for it’s 50th anniversary next year. Anyone want to guess the specs for it?
  5. Little Scrapper

    My foam cutter

    Took a break from my airplane to make a fiberglass fender for one of my motorcycles. Obviously this can be used for airplane stuff. I know literally ZERO about composite building so this is pure amateur hour here. Anyhow, thought some may enjoy this. Feel free to improve it.
  6. Little Scrapper

    Restoration of Cleveland wheels?

    Anyone have experience cleaning and restoring these wheels? I’m getting conflicting ideas when I search the intercom how to clean these, prep these and paint or powder these. I’m starting to find out powder coating is not ideal. I’d like to restore these like new including new bearings so I’m...
  7. Little Scrapper

    Alternative spring gear

    Curious if anyone has read this, seen it in person or wondered about its effectiveness? I’ve struggled a little bit with cutting a...
  8. Little Scrapper

    Fly Wire YouTube channel

    There’s certain people here who love learning and trying to figure problems out. This is a excellent channel and this gentleman does a fantastic job of discussing accidents and trying to put the pieces together. I upload quite a few videos but I actually don’t spend much time on YouTube at...
  9. Little Scrapper

    Where building time comes from

    I made a video update for my Baby Ace subscribers and thought I’d start a thread. There’s a million videos or threads showing the process but nothing about how to find time to build. I struggle with this. So I made a video. Figured this might also make for a fun thread.
  10. Little Scrapper

    Shoulder Belts on a Baby Ace

    I’m at a point where I need to figure out the seat belt attachments for the Baby Ace. I want shoulder belts. Anyone familiar with doing this on a open cockpit airplane like the Ace? I’ve seen people run a cable to the rearward fuselage (anchor point) so that’s something I’m trying wrap my head...
  11. Little Scrapper

    Setting wing Incidence

    Hey guys. Question. Baby Ace. I’m currently working on the cabane structure and I need to set the incidence. I have a set of Baby Ace wings but want to use a Harry Riblett airfoil and use different ailerons etc. Harry passed away but I did manage to have numerous conversations with him and we...
  12. Little Scrapper

    Thorp T-18

    Just posting this for fun. It’s not often we see great photos of a Thorp T-18. This was just posted on a Facebook group and I thought WOW! what a great shot of a neat airplane! I don’t know Jack squat about aluminum sheet metal but I believe these are somewhat simple to build? Pop riveted? Going...
  13. Little Scrapper

    Mike’s Corvair build

    Build thread for my Baby Ace engine. It’s heavy so I’m trying to work on how I’m gonna make all this happen but here’s a update to start the thread. Yesterday my wife and I put 13 hours of drive time round trip to go pick up a Corvair engine in Michigan. Cool guy with a Zenith 601 that switched...
  14. Little Scrapper

    Jabiru 2200 for a Baby Ace?

    I’ve eliminated many engines but haven’t explored this one. The 2200’s are available used pretty reasonable. There’s some issues with this engine from what I’ve read but some people really love them. Any one fly behind one? Anybody know anything about this model that could help me decide if...
  15. Little Scrapper

    Corvair gut check

    Hey guys. I’m exploring engine options For the Baby Ace and a Corvair came up as a possibility. While I have quite a bit of auto and motorcycle engine experience I’ve never worked on a Corvair and haven’t researched the actual conversion much. So looking for some simple advice to start out...
  16. Little Scrapper

    Video Series - Making J-3 Cub landing gear

    A new series of videos I'm doing on making a set of landing gear for those interested.
  17. Little Scrapper

    Video series on TIG welding thin wall aircraft tubing

    I had a phone call from a forum member this morning about welding and trying to solve some welding issues for a beginner. For a number of years now I’ve thought about doing some simple videos. I haven’t because YouTube is full of welding videos so I figured what’s the point. He told me there’s...
  18. Little Scrapper


    I don’t know where to begin with this project. I hadn’t planned it, it was spur of the moment and it started in almost a state of mental stress and sadness. I had welded up a V-Witt fuselage and finished the ribs for the wings when Coronovirus broke the news. It was weird. Still is. I never...
  19. Little Scrapper

    How I make steel fittings

    Thought I’d do a short video series with my iPhone on how I make accurate steel fittings with precision holes etc and matched sets. Figured it might be fun for the people who have never worked with steel. These are the fuselage fittings for a Baby Ace on page 806 of the plans. They hold the...