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  1. ScaleBirdsScott

    Best CAD tool for modeling and simulation on for a homebuilt.

    FreeCAD is probably fine for the most part. Solidworks/Inventor/SolidEdge and a few others I'm not thinking of are all about the same and just pick your poison/flavor. Fusion 360 I find to be super not great for any assembly more complex than a folding knife, so not first or second choice for...
  2. ScaleBirdsScott

    BF-109 Aerofoil Question

    Could be a matter of "the devil you know."
  3. ScaleBirdsScott

    B21 Reveal

    So all contextual budget/political quandaries aside, the B-21 seems like an interesting follow-on attempt to streamline the B2. A bit tubby/thiccc on the bottom but nice and slick on top. I think there is a good question as to whether stealth bombers make a lot of sense if you can build...
  4. ScaleBirdsScott

    Two-seat WWII warbird replica candidates?

    Sure stiffness is improved if you build it that way but I don't think it's a critical limitation where we'd be forced to compromise crew ergonomics at all, just to accommodate a clean unmodified wing structure all the way through. It depends of course on actual scale and such but seems we'd...
  5. ScaleBirdsScott

    Two-seat WWII warbird replica candidates?

    I think there's something to that but it's not impossible to have pockets in the top wing carey-thru, nor is it that problematic to just focus on spar carry thru without a full pass-thru wing. Especially since it's got a folding wing and a huge fuselage there, there isn't as much benefit I would...
  6. ScaleBirdsScott

    Two-seat WWII warbird replica candidates?

    Looks like a good time! From that I'd recline everyone a little bit, get their feet up a bit maybe too, and lower those heads so even the 6'5" people with short legs have a chance. At least the 2 pilot seats, maybe not so much the turret guy, they can be a little shorter.
  7. ScaleBirdsScott

    Two-seat WWII warbird replica candidates?

    Well now, if rear-seat guy has to face backwards at least stick 'em in the gun turret. But even so maybe some room to drop the pilots a smidgen. At the size being talked about you probably still need to build that Avenger for a good size engine, probably an M14 or 985 or similar small...
  8. ScaleBirdsScott

    Propeller pitch

    It's a 20mph difference not 55, converting kts to mph. In any case that could seem within the realm of just weight/drag/altitude differences, plus how calibrated is each ASI?
  9. ScaleBirdsScott

    Airplane For Sale Savoia Marchetti S-56-B Hull

    I wouldn't balk at someone wanting to go with a Verner but I'd think if putting in all that work maybe a classic like a Kinner or Scarab is a good option?
  10. ScaleBirdsScott

    Regulatory question: Two tail position lights

    We put a pair of white rear position lights on the vertical stab of the P-36, one on each side, as well as a pair of colored nav lights on each of the wingtips, one top and one bottom. All to replicate the original's lighting, as was the custom of the time. I suppose if trying this on a modern...
  11. ScaleBirdsScott

    Two-seat WWII warbird replica candidates?

    Yeah I think a 5/8 or so Duck would be a great amphib kit. Esp with the rear gunner's position.
  12. ScaleBirdsScott

    Two-seat WWII warbird replica candidates?

    So commercial aircraft not having crew in the prop arc confirms my innate hidden fear from forever ago that it could be problematic. Yet that restriction doesn't seem to apply to passengers who get to sit more-or-less in the path of an errant turbine blade on commuters. I get that if it does...
  13. ScaleBirdsScott

    Crashes in the News - Thread

    In the turn wouldn't the B-17 basically have been below the P-63? Blanked out by wings and the fuselage?
  14. ScaleBirdsScott

    Crashes in the News - Thread

    Seeing the videos, that was just shocking. I can't yet feel much about it other than memories of the Nine-O-Nine so close to home, and still being fresh, this almost doesn't feel real. The footage is wild. Like old combat reels of similar mishaps, but brought to modern cameras it's...
  15. ScaleBirdsScott

    Mods should not post as mods unless moderating.

    FWIW most forums and other online spaces "mods" are just regular accounts with extra oversight responsibility to fill in the gaps; Admin accounts often are specific admin accounts that are not used for regular chat and used for purely admin purposes and rules-type posts, even if it's well known...
  16. ScaleBirdsScott

    LiteFighters: P-40/P-36 and beyond

    All those could be fun. We definitely need to get through this first one first. And P40. And the Hellcat. And just having a kit that is viable in general. Feeling in a bit of a low point at the moment as we didn't get nearly as much testing in as we figured. We're running out of time for this...
  17. ScaleBirdsScott

    Fusion 360 experts: Developable loft?

    Yeah I've always been taking the points and creating splines in the program that follow those points. Create a solid "plug" and then section it as needed. There is no problem if extruding a basic Hershey Bar. It comes to be a potential issue when lofting two different airfoil curves to get...
  18. ScaleBirdsScott

    Fusion 360 experts: Developable loft?

    So it's funny I'm playing around in Inventor and just the most naïve loft of some made-up airfoil-like splines seems to be 'developing' the sort of loft we'd be looking for, where previously trying to generate something from a specific array of points was not giving it without a lot of guide...
  19. ScaleBirdsScott

    Fusion 360 experts: Developable loft?

    So specifically for airfoils what I did is try and use the control points that defined the airfoils (since they are going to be the most specific points of the airfoil I can go by) and then between them draw the straight lines and loft using those as guides. And from there any deviations from a...
  20. ScaleBirdsScott

    LiteFighters: P-40/P-36 and beyond

    That might be tough for a saber-type blade but, I've heard stranger ideas regarding blades.