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  1. erkki67

    Harbour Freight v-Twin

    Hello I’m wondering who is producing the Harbour Freight V-Twin? As an import from the US is kind of silly, if the manufacturer is abroad and the en consumer as well! Rgds Erkki
  2. erkki67

    Shapr3d airfoil coordinates import and smoothing?

    Im new to the CAD world and Im running MAC OS products at home. There are some CAD programs that have caught my interest. Fusion360, Onshape, and Shapr3d all of them capable to run on Tabletts of Apple. My main computer is the Tablett but in a near future Ill add a Mac Mini. I dont know if I...
  3. erkki67

    Direction to go

    How could a ultralight come close to this?
  4. erkki67

    Michael Roodt Sunbird Parasol

    I’ve found this little critter, it seams to be powered by a BMW R100 and the fuselage seams to be riveted tubing assembly? Are there any sources for plans available? rgds Erkki
  5. erkki67

    Marek Ivanov Designs

  6. erkki67

    Looking for an alternative engie for the 503 and 582?

    Is there any engine out there to replace the Rotax 503 and 582 engines? Is there any 4 stroke out there for this class of engine in therms of weight and power?
  7. erkki67

    Inflatable wing controls?

    Ive ben looking at the Woopy Jump and Woopy Fly Wings, à concept grown up from the world of paragliders. My wondering is the following , could such a wing have some kind of 2 axis controls for a sit on top powered version?
  8. erkki67

    Poplar for structural parts?

    Has there ever been an aircraft designed around poplar wood or plywood for structural parts?
  9. erkki67

    Wooden fork for nosegear craft

    Hello, has somebody an idea how to build a suspended nose gear, made of wood or plywood?
  10. erkki67

    A new sheetmetal bird

    it’s from the minds of Marek Ivanov, the designer of the ZJ-Viera
  11. erkki67


    Something new around the corner!
  12. erkki67

    strange past concepts used today

    ignore the markings and for whom it was designed for, but I'm wondering if such a layout with an impeller fan could get aloft with the neccessary wingsurface within at les the LSA limitations?
  13. erkki67

    2-4 seat bush taildragger twin homebuilt

    Hey Does there exist a bird similar to this one, with the 2 engines installed on a pylons, taildragger, cantilever wing and 2 to 4 seat bush craft? Rgds Rki
  14. erkki67

    Wheeler Scout plans

    Helle there Does there exist a provider of plans for the wheeler scout 3-axis controlled bird, either the normal tail volume or v-tail strut braced airplane?
  15. erkki67

    Rail Aerosports?

    Hello im wondering if someone could tell me how the Rail of Aerosports was built, especially the fuselage and its wings? rgds Erkki
  16. erkki67

    Running over the Big Block B/S

    Hello Would the Big Block B/S with a PSRU have enough of power for an Air Camper? Erkki
  17. erkki67

    Ceiling night light

    Its somehow aircraft related my question: im looking for a ceiling projector with aircraft images buzzing around for a childs room! does there exist such a projector, for stars yes, but aircrafts? thank you for your help. erkki
  18. erkki67


    I wish there would be one manufacturer delivering a unit for trikes,Ultralights, powerchutes ect. All in One Head up Display & Intercom System for Motorcycles | EyeLights – EyeLights | Affichage tête haute Moto (
  19. erkki67

    Parts Wanted Plans for ch601 hd/hds wanted

    Does anyone has plans of the Zenair CH601 HD or and HDS for sale? rgds Erkki
  20. erkki67

    Differences in the wingspar of the 701 and Savannah?

    I’ve the plans of the 701, and as it’s to be said that the Savannah is a copy of the 701, I’m wondering how close both are in terms of the wingspar and overall wing design?! ive a bird in mind that could be based on the 701 but without slats, but with a leading edge kit of the Savannah! it’s...