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  1. WonderousMountain

    Surveilance Off Flight Path, request assistance.

    HBA, It's understood you are not an FAA representative, but One of my associates is being circled against stated purpose on special permit. As I deal mostly with theory side of flight, it might help if a few steady headed were to reply below so the proper complaint can be lodged. This is...
  2. WonderousMountain

    SnS -:- 21 | Q&A

    Hi All Again, Three things I like about the Sorrell Guppy: ° Wood & Fabric construction, Free Plans!!! ° Makes a nice draggy single engine Mule. ° Aesthetically pleasing reverse staggar Bipe. Some of the Modifications I am looking into are: Constellation style tri-tail only central rudder...
  3. WonderousMountain

    Parts Wanted Cushman Truckster Engine

    Hello looking: for Motor used on Sorrel Guppy Preferrably the 2 & 1/2" stroke model for test bed SnS-II. West Coast states if available. Will refurbish, running engine for bonus points.
  4. WonderousMountain

    Trash or Build?

    Sooo... Many years ago I started on this conventional three surface Comp. Draft with a vague idea of simple-slick sport flying. It is basically a whole lot of nothing. Inverted V empannage for balance, a canard to change Center of lift, Twin booms because the prop got in the way, and a...
  5. WonderousMountain

    Sachs rotary, any model

    Trying to locate an engine for this winter's project. I'm no rotary specialist, but essentially know what's going on inside. In NW us states, if that helps somehow. Please state the present condition. (of engine)
  6. WonderousMountain


  7. WonderousMountain

    90Kg Flying Club

    Me being the judge, What do you think of this old idea of a hybrid sport class, standardized by similar design. Here are some constraints under consideration. 90 KG Fueled etc. weight Limit. | ~198lb Stall speed upper limit 35 knots | ~41mph At least 2 Hr flight duration. | ~120 Min...
  8. WonderousMountain


    Greetings HBA, I have obtained a small shed, month to month. Will be pursuing the four winged bi-tandem winged little monster in metal. Taking engine suggestions, for light adequate power. Back in college, not much related to planes, but gotta get them credits rolling. Writing Comp...
  9. WonderousMountain

    Seeking Souls for Tool and Supply company.

    I've decided to continue with my Equip-able supply and tool company (DruiDTek), that was filed for 9 months ago. If you have skills, talent, or are willing to work diligently to be involved, go ahead and reply directly to the thread. It's not a "Fundraiser" at this time, I'm seeking to gather...
  10. WonderousMountain

    Letters of Recommendation - New student

    Hello Netizens, I am applying for entrance into U of Michigan as an aero engineering student. If any would be so kind, I need a bit of petition authority to make a better case for my entrance after ~12 year sabbatical from higher learning. I think we might all agree, some greater...
  11. WonderousMountain

    Use of cube roots in aircraft comparison

    A recent post on model cube root functions got me interested, Also, the simple science of flight published an equation which used weight to predict flight speed of similar aircraft.
  12. WonderousMountain

    Prosthetic Wings

    Namiste, Today I announce the beginning of a project to build and fly a practical minimum flying machine. Consider it first as a sport enthusiast pet project. It will be based off the same concept as my three segment wings, but with a folding mechanism generally mimicking the function of...
  13. WonderousMountain

    Stagger 4 engine CAD

    Well, I'm at it again. Some good news, the cooling scheme is simpler! The crankshaft actually centers on the bores, for once. Plus I can guide my lofts to a basic shape, and it's very compact, at 13 cm deck height. No idea on dynamic balance, but it's an even firing engine now...
  14. WonderousMountain

    N/A HorDoZen engine

    Drawing starts on the naturally aspirated 12 cylinder X style engine.
  15. WonderousMountain


    Announcing my intent to form HBX-planes. :grin: Several members that I enjoyed reading have been banned, critiqued to the point of leaving/not posting, or otherwise did not find the support they were looking for here. Here serves a purpose, but not so well for fringe experimenters and...
  16. WonderousMountain

    set of 4, 75mm bore dish pistons

    Hello HBA, Looking for a deal on a set of 4 pistons preferably dished and close to 75mm bore. It's for "Vaporgrace" engine prototype, 2-4 rods might be handy if they're around 112mm distance between hole centers. Shipping to western Oregon. Thx, LuPi
  17. WonderousMountain

    Seeking Benefactor(s)

    Dear HBA members, After attempting to gain financial support for the engine I'm blueprinting and finding much criticism from the legitimate business contingent, I'm "changing gears". Now looking to make a more personal deal with a person(s) who has a long term optimistic outlook, willing to...
  18. WonderousMountain

    QE22 Magnesium

    I've been looking into magnesium as an engine material. Hoping someone here has some knowledge & experience with regards to it's usage. Positives, problems etc. Thx, LuPi
  19. WonderousMountain

    Other people's money

    Searching out seed money for a member corporation. On my 4th plane, and third engine, with many other improved ideas/products Which I believe valuable to flight, tools, etc. Of interest in adaptive systems. None of it will ever matter without money. Rotax will Never give you a small enough...