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  1. WARPilot

    CAD design for landing gear

    I have a WAR FW190 that has landing gear issues. I have decided I should do a deep dive and fix the issues. There are strut problems and general looseness that is incurred due to the budget design. I think the WAR oleo strut should be ok with some improvements such as hard chroming the...
  2. WARPilot

    AP in Birmingham area that will sign off condition inspection of a WAR P47.

    There is a flying WAR P47 in Pell City that is out of annual and needs an AP who is willing to sign off the condition inspection. The airplane is in excellent condition and flys regularl, until it went out of annuAl. Does anyone know someone in that area that would do the inspection?
  3. WARPilot

    Retractable Landing Gear Design and Material

    Is there acceptable material like Aluminum tube that can be substituted for steel tube in retractable gear? Aircraft gross weight will be 900lbs and tail wheel. I am looking for simple, reliable, and lighter gear design. The gear will need to retract inward. This will be to replace the...
  4. WARPilot

    Airfoil selection for an aircraft out there?

    I am looking to do some redesign on a WAR FW 190. The wing is 20’ and has an area of approx 77ft^2. Weight is an issue and the redesign will largely involve creating a mold and chunking the wood and foam. New empty weight will be around 550lbs. Gross TO weight will be 900lbs. The...
  5. WARPilot

    WAR FW Flies after 30 years