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    A pilot's prayer

    A buddy of mine, an airline captain, was enroute from LAX to NRT (Narita airport, Tokyo) recently. One of the passengers, a ten year old Japanese boy wrote this poem and sent it up the cockpit crew. I think it's worth sharing. Prayer for a Pilot Lord of Earth and Sea and Air, Listen...
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    Any Ultra-Piet builders/owners here? I'm considering the U-Piet for a first-time build. Any advice is appreciated. Can it realistically meet the 252 pound UL weight limit, or does it tend to build on the "fat" side? Thanks.
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    Polini engines

    Anyone have experience with the Polini Thor engines? They look good on paper, but how about reliability, vibration and QC issues? I'm interested in the Thor 190 as a UL engine. Thanks.
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    Affordaplane wing and tail design

    Are the Affordaplane wing and tail safe designs? From what I've read here, the AP fuselage is poorly engineered and my gut tells me the whole airplane is probably flawed. But I'm intrigued by the simplicity of the wing and tail construction. Are they examples of good engineering, or should...