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    Could I do this aviation job?

    Toolbuilder and MadProfessor, you should be ashamed of yourselves.
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    Still breathing!

    That's a tragic story, Doggzilla. Sorry for your loss.
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    Raptor Composite Aircraft

    Come on, folks, let's continue to pile on here and gawk at this mess. It's so satisfying to gloat over someone else's mistakes. No one here has ever overestimated their abilities or gotten in over their heads. We'll be so delighted when this project fails. Enjoy!
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    Holiday reading ideas?

    For some good aviation reads, try Ernest Gann's "Fate is the Hunter", or anything by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.
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    Crashes in the News - Thread

    It's been over five years since the MH370 tragedy. The mystery may never be solved, but William Langewiesche makes a compelling argument for what happened...
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    A pilot's prayer

    You're forgetting, the kid's Asian. When he's not writing poems in a foreign language, he's finishing up his third PhD...
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    A pilot's prayer

    A buddy of mine, an airline captain, was enroute from LAX to NRT (Narita airport, Tokyo) recently. One of the passengers, a ten year old Japanese boy wrote this poem and sent it up the cockpit crew. I think it's worth sharing. Prayer for a Pilot Lord of Earth and Sea and Air, Listen...
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    Lowest Forms of Life

    This is one of those visceral things that make my blood boil. Steve, really glad you took in those pups! That's a lot of responsibility, but now you've got three new friends for life. Well done, my friend.
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    Jurca really had an eye for design. I've always liked his work!
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    Jurca plans here, but be prepared for sticker shock:
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    Any Ultra-Piet builders/owners here? I'm considering the U-Piet for a first-time build. Any advice is appreciated. Can it realistically meet the 252 pound UL weight limit, or does it tend to build on the "fat" side? Thanks.
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    Ragwing Ultra-Piet

    For any Ultra-Piet builders here: Are you able to meet the UL weight limit? Thanks
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    Polini engines

    Anyone have experience with the Polini Thor engines? They look good on paper, but how about reliability, vibration and QC issues? I'm interested in the Thor 190 as a UL engine. Thanks.
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    Home made tools.

    Wow, Scrapper, helluva story. Thanks for sharing.
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    Easy Riser Powered By R/C Engine

    I saw that too and talked briefly with the owner, a pretty nice guy. He said the engine was rated at 16 hp. The trike was very neatly built.
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    Affordaplane wing and tail design

    Thanks, all. CR
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    Affordaplane wing and tail design

    It was indeed slammed for the fuselage structure. My question concerned the wing and tail.
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    Affordaplane wing and tail design

    As the AP is a UL design, the intended gross weight would be about 450#, max speed 55 kt. The fuselage design is suspect, I just wondered about the wing and tail construction.
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    Affordaplane wing and tail design

    Yes. I don't want to show the wing plan here because of copyright issues, but the wing frame consists of a 2" X .058" wall 6061-T6 tubing leading edge, a 1 1/2" X .058" tubing trailing edge, 1" OD compression ribs, and ribs of 1/2" bent tubing, all held together with bolts and gussets. The...
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    Affordaplane wing and tail design

    Thanks, VB. I'm attracted by the simplicity of the wing and tail. But they might be too simple. Maybe some of the engineers here could weigh in on the topic.