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  1. GeeBee3

    Interesting composites problem

    As a variation on the 'strut' idea, maybe one could use a lightweight coil spring slightly longer than the depth of the air duct that is compressed and then placed at about the middle of the panels between the top and bottom. That should stop the resonance, and might stay in place by friction...
  2. GeeBee3

    Interesting composites problem

    Can you insert a small strut extending from the flexible lower surface to the (presumeably) more rigid upper surface? You can do a 'friction fit' as a test until you see if it resolves the problem, then glue permanently in place. GB3
  3. GeeBee3

    Tooling board suppliers, prices, advice, BTDT experience

    The construction industry uses large blocks of EPS foam for foundations and earthworks. This foam is available in various densities according to the compressive strength required. Many sources listed at this site; Typical physical...
  4. GeeBee3

    Fauvel AV-36 and 361 project - comment page

    For my $0.02 worth, I suggest that you make your first offering something that either is, or can be easily upgraded, to a self launch motorglider. Most new gliders sold today are motorgliders; that is what interests pilots. The fact that several AV361 have been successfully converted to...
  5. GeeBee3

    Fauvel AV-36, 361 and 362

    Do you have any access to the Fauvel AV45 or 451 designs or data through your new arrangement? These designs grew out of the AV36 experience but upgraded to accommodate the weight of a pusher engine. They were decent performers but suffered from the lack of appropriate and reliable motors...
  6. GeeBee3

    Fauvel AV-36, 361 and 362

    I am quite familiar with the AV36 and the AV361.... in fact I have a set of AV361 plans. But I am not familiar with the AV362.... what are the differences?
  7. GeeBee3

    Bracing wire Heath Parasol

    You may want to consider stainless wire as a modern substitute. A quick Google search will turn up many sources of both hard and soft wire in a wide variety of sizes. The grade you select will depend upon how you intend to process it (bending, clamping, brazing, etc.), then select the size you...
  8. GeeBee3

    Taildragger Wheel Alignment

    The Marquart Charger uses rubber donuts for suspension, sourced from an Ercoupe. Without disassembling mine, a visual inspection seems to show that they are undamaged and working properly. The airplane appears to sit evenly on the gear so I do not suspect that the problem is due to broken...
  9. GeeBee3

    Taildragger Wheel Alignment

    Yes, this airplane has the Marquart gear. The gear is sound and the hinge pins are in good shape. I checked the Biplane Forum and several other taildragger websites. In general they suggest that the track should be 'neutral', and that any amount of toe-in over 1/4 degree is not recommended...
  10. GeeBee3

    Taildragger Wheel Alignment

    This summer I gave in to my wish to own a red biplane, and purchased a Marquart Charger. After flying it home (1700 miles and 12 airports later, most of them paved) I discovered excessive tire wear. The right tire has scrubbed through the tread on the inside, and the left tire is wearing...
  11. GeeBee3

    Design at new version of the Fournier Motor Glider

    Here is one version.... uses a Rotax for better power and cleaner cowl lines... GB3
  12. GeeBee3

    70kg / 154lb deregulated category - what can you build?

    The Series 1 Lazair will meet these design parameters.....