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    Boats 'n' floats.......

    On another thread, folks mentioned canoes attatched to floatplanes. Here's my chioce: Scroll down a bit; I'm not the first to think of this!:D CAB Bearhawk#862
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    Personal Transportation!

    For those of wish to avoid the usual commute....... CAB Bearhawk # 862
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    Nifty lights!

    Saw this on another forum- thought i'd pass it on.:D
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    Lyc v. Conti

    Seems most of the planes I'm interested in take 180-200 hp. Most of the kit manufacturers recommend the Lyc O-360. Why? I would think that the Continental O-360 (6 cyl) would be much easier on the prop and airframe- would'nt it?:confused:
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    Found it!

    O yes, I want one. :gig:
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    Round vs. flush rivets

    Could some of the present "spam can" kitplanes out there ( RV's, Zodiacs , etc. ) be hammered together with flush rivets? Maybe space them closer together - Flush rivets are weaker. Or maybe bond and rivet like some jets? Would this gain any performance or do we need all of those little round VG's ?
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    New to the forum, thought i'd say hello. Not flying yet- figgered I'd get my ppl next year. Then maybe figure out what I want to DO with a plane, then maybe build or buy one. Hopefully, the right one.:p: