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  1. aceki

    Replace Rotax 503 with Simonini Victor 1

    Dear good morning I have a rotax 503, double carburetor, without any problem. Except .. fuel consumption. I read a lot about victor 1, from the company simonini, which has a consumption of 5 liters at 5400 rpm. Which is very interesting, compared to the 15 liters at 5800 rpm of my rotax. Will...
  2. aceki

    Hi all!

    My name is Marcelo, I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I own a Kitten J3, which every day makes me very happy !! : D I also have a YouTube channel, which we started with some friends, about experimental aviation. I hope to help in this...
  3. aceki


    Hi all I marcelo of Buenos Aires, I'm new and recently acquired one Kitten j3, so I have to finish overhaul. Also I'm looking for some kind of manual if anyone has, speeds, and check list of the same !! From already thank you very much and greetings from Argentina