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  1. Spinnetti

    Cleaning out the hanger... WAR FW190 plans (US shipping only) - SOLD

    I've still got a set of plans (I had later bought a project with plans, so ended up with two sets). make me an offer (US shipping only due to shipping cost)
  2. Spinnetti

    For Sale W.A.R. FW190 plans.

    Planset all boxed up. Bought the plans, then bought a project which also had plans. I think the set is all complete, but not 100% sure. All the big prints are there for sure, just not 100% on a few of the 11x17 sheets. Make me an offer. email to my username
  3. Spinnetti

    Anybody point me to 3d cad of M14P and/or Rotec engines?

    Decided I'm going to try an all digital plane build, and hoping to find rather than draw the engines. I'd prefer solidworks, but would take what I can get. Thanks...
  4. Spinnetti

    How to get started?

    I want an all metal FW190A Two seater that flys about like the RV8. I'd love to buy a kit, but since none are available that meet my requirements, I want to try to scratch build. I've got years, and I know the road is a long one. I bought a few books on homebuilt design, and scoured the web...