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  1. Ried

    Boeing moving headquarters

    2001, Boeing moved their HQ into Chicago. I worked about a block south of the new offices. In spite of the huge local headlines, the event was a big yawn, only 100-150 people relocated. Yawn . . . Today I heard they're moving to DC area. Yawn . . .
  2. Ried

    1962 propulsion development

    Not sure where to post this curiosity. This is the engine developed during the Aircraft Nuclear Propulsion Project. I understand weight and balance was only a minor issue compared to other problems!
  3. Ried

    HBA Google Play application?

    I have an android tablet and phone. Somehow, I was able to get the HBA app installed on my tablet. My tablet thinks it is a Google Play app. But I cannot find the HBA application on Google Play. I would like to get the application on my phone also. Any suggestions?