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    Biplane Lift Distribution Questions

    I can't find a Hiscocks book either, A few copies of Diehl are on Ebay.
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    Biplane Lift Distribution Questions

    Richard Hiscocks "Design of Light Aircraft" and Diehl "Engineering Aerodynamics" are good references.
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    Books: Adhesion Science

    Wsimpso1 just found his wife's Christmas list LOL
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    What did you do on your airplane project today?

    Also keep an eye on those door cables. I worked out of a hangar like that and in four years we had some break. Fortunately it was always when we were opening the door. The maintenance guy was really good at fixing them.
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    No Bonanzas or Barons delivered this year

    Same with Piaggio. Go figure
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    No Bonanzas or Barons delivered this year
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    Is EAA forum dead?

    This forum is what Sport Aviation used to be; Some very smart, educated people trying to share with an interested, motivated audience.
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    Frank Robinson gone at 93

    One of the few people who have certificates and manufactured an aircraft.
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    another tall pilot wanna be

    If you are really tall the parachute doubles as a hat LOL
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    another tall pilot wanna be

    Ok Pops, what is a PP?
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    Wittman Tailwind W10 Clements mods?

    How big is too big? I'm 6'4 and over 220 and thought the Tailwind I sat in was decent. I can barely fit a 152 and think a Bonanza is narrow.
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    Airplane For Sale Isaacs Fury

    Is that the same Fury that was in Sport Aviation in the late 70's?
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    Tilted spar web? Partially tilted?

    The Canadian "simplified" regs allow the designer to just call anti-drag loads 25% of lift loads.
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    Tilted spar web? Partially tilted?

    The 601 mods drawings are free online. Zenith website.
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    Tilted spar web? Partially tilted?

    Zenith 601 has a tilted shear web.
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    Jim McDivitt

    What always impressed me was that he commanded his first spaceflight and did the first all-up equipment test for Apollo.
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    Jim McDivitt

    Saw his obit on a few websites this morning. I believe he had been one of Ed Lesher's students too.
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    Experience building in a small workshop?

    Can someone post a picture of Ray Downs' shop. It was a one stall garage with incredible organization. He built a beautiful Corby Starlet and Wittman Tailwind.
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    Barrows Electric Bearhawk Ultralight Runup

    Thank you for sharing Barrow's project. He is a practical person who hopefully will find relatively affordable off-the-shelf parts that will allow part 103 flying. If he and Dale Kramer (Electric Lazair) got together maybe they could buy enough motors and batteries to get a total kit at a...