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    Two-seat WWII warbird replica candidates?

    Matthew: If you like the idea of the UC-78, simply restore one, rather than build a scale replica. It will be much less expensive and faster in the long run.
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    What are these fasteners?

    Eddie Bolts and Hi-Loks are almost identical, with two exceptions... EB’s use an internal spline for the holding key, while HL’s use a hex key. HL’s drive collar shears off when proper torque is reached, while EB’s flatten and deform the drive lugs. EB’s are approved for use in areas that...
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    What are these fasteners?

    Also known as "Eddy Bolts"
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    Is EAA forum dead?

    EAA forums have always been low volume...
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    Crashes in the News - Thread

    You do know that the P-63 pilot had been flying the -63's, -39's, P-51's and various Tora birds in airshows since 2009? A little more experience than just having money.
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    Aviation Landscaping Art

    Over in the Sharpstown area if I remember correctly. I think it was one of the full weight parachute test articles. There was also an Apollo capsule over there too, for a long number of years. I don’t remember for sure, but think it was one of the heat shield test articles.
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    Parts Wanted Lycoming O-435 Parts Needed

    A Warner 8808 is what is used on the L-5's. I'll have to see what the specs say when I get to work tonight. Mine is packed away and will take hours to find.
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    Parts Wanted Lycoming O-435 Parts Needed

    There's 3 potential hub sets on fleabay right now. I don't have the spec sheet here at the house to verify the numbers.
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    Parts Wanted Lycoming O-435 Parts Needed

    Be aware that the hubs come in two bolt patterns, so you need a good hub onhand prior to ordering your prop. You will also need the correct front and rear cones, as well as spacer, prop nut and retaining clip. I’ll dig up the relevant spec numbers at lunch, unless nothing going on here at work...
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    Two engines close to each other = still possible as "single engine" regulation?

    A twin is a twin no matter the main shaft separation and distinct engine cases housing them.
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    Risk of Buying sub-kits

    Might consider the RV-15, and start putting the bucks back for it. Van's planned release is after the prototype flys like they want it to, and they have all the engineering worked out to their satisfaction for their kit style. Figure late next year or early 2024 for the kit release, and probably...
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    CGS Hawk Desgner/Builder Chuck Slusarczyk Passes

    Chuck's obit:
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    Piel CP 750 Beryl plans clarification

    I know of someone that recently built one. I’ll see what I can do on finding his contact info when I get home from wrk this morning.
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    Piel CP 750 Beryl plans clarification

    I’d suspect that either section view A-A or C-C would show it for sure. The hidden lines on the inboard end are really smeared and not crisp, so hard to tell for sure by that view alone.
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    Piel CP 750 Beryl plans clarification

    Mcrae: Not running the 3mm full length would have been a significant deviation from 70+ years of normal spar construction. Everything I’ve ever dealt with, that had box spars, the innermost face layer went full length of the boxed area of the spars. My dealings have all been with Fairchild...
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    Piel CP 750 Beryl plans clarification

    Looks like the faces of the spar have 3 layers on the front and two layers on the back side. 3mm from the centerline to the tip, 5 mm from the centerline to Rib 6 and 2mm from the centerline to Rib 4, on the front face. For the rear face 3mm, full span and 5mm from the centerline to Rib 6.
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    Taper pin help

    One possible source: You might end up having to have a set ground.
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    Land ownership ?

    Pops: I’d take the time to fix the issue if I were you. My family has had to deal with some screwed up property lines from the 1950’s. Only affects about 400 pieces of property, including homes, schools, businesses and the city. One bad marker threw off all those. Everyone involved have not come...
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    Warbird Panel redo

    I wouldn’t buy it just to get a rating. Way cheaper to go simply buy a block of time at your local flight school. By the time you bought the project and got it flying, I’d bet you have at least 60k$ beyond the purchase and putting in a bare minimum VFR panel.