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    Full span flaps and separate full Span ailerons?

    Has anyone done this ? Even thought about it ?
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    How do You value a Project ?

    When buying a project be it A pile of random parts or a sub kit in a box , a complete kit or a 90% completed project how do you evaluate a fair price ?
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    Least expensive way to 200 + Hp ?

    I’m looking at re-engining a heavy slow STOL airframe what’s the current state in the art in 200+ horsepower engines ?
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    Bushmaster STC,experimental,as a kit , plans or something else ?

    There seems to be multiple ways to the same result. Start with a pacer and a stc and get a certified end result Or buy a kit and get a experimental, And about ever other combination. Your thoughts or experience?
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    Floats as hulls ?

    Are there designs out there that utilize a single float plane float as a hull ? Cut a hole for the cockpit add a tail wings and engine ?
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    Barn Find Shopping ?

    What have you found to be the best resource for finding the elusive barn find ? Lol OK I know by definition they’re not gonna be easy and I shop craigslist and the messenger marketplace, eBay and barnstormers. And I keep shopping them because I’m hoping lightning will strike twice. I’m...
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    Time Traps ? The 1% that takes 80% of the time.

    What things have you found that unexpectedly took a lot longer than you had planned on ? 5 minute things that took all day ? The major assembly that took four years?
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    Tube and fabric Ramp Queen life ?

    How long would you expect a ramp queen to be serviceable parked outside? We’re talking a area that gets freezing temperatures 80° temperatures 50 days of rain at least that many days of a hard dew and perhaps as many as 100 days with snow on it? Think ,Anchorage, Birchwood, Palmer, Wasilla, in...
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    Two simple questions… A. Would it be possible? 2. Would loading the printer and pushing a button qualify for 51% ?
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    Land ownership ?

    This is almost exactly an actual hanger flying thread depending on the answers I get here I may pursue or not having a runway and a hanger . For at least 100 years the north line of property A has had a decided angle to it. In the cornfields of Central Illinois property lines run within...
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    Alaskan Bushmaster at Birchwood. ?

    While wandering around another Alaskan airport enjoying the strange and unusual and historical. I came across an Alaskan bushmaster now I thought what with some of the things I read here that was a certified airplane with an ancestry of the short wing paper but factory built to be longer and...
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    Aerial Photo Moving Map on Cheap Laptop?

    Any thoughts on how to achieve a moving map on aerial photos on a cheap laptop ?
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    Logic and FAA engine rules ?

    OK the FAA has already ruled that airframe and power plants require equal expertise witness the rules to get your A and your P. Also why doesn’t the FAA grant credit for building an engine? I mean I can build an airframe and hang a certified engine on it and it will be qualified experimental...
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    Drag reduction with altitude?

    How much drag reduction is there with the thinner air at altitude? Will that draggy flying boat with all kinds of struts and a motor hanging out in the breeze 5 feet above the cabin and fishing rods in a canoe strapped on the outside slowly become a high-speed cross country vehicle as it...
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    Do you have a sawmill?

    Do you have a sawmill? How much processing are you willing to do To get the wood you want?
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    Do you drive like you fly.

    I guess this is asking do you have a split personality?
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    Stainless -aluminum glue ?

    Is anyone familiar with good glue for joining aluminum and stainless or is there a particular process for a good glue joint between stainless and aluminum ?
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    Hydraulic wheel motor and single stick four-way control valves?

    I need to control two wheel motors independently just like in a zero turn lawnmower is there a single stick hydraulic valve that could allow me to do that?
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    FEAR of ……………..RADIO ?

    Did you have it ? Do you transmit it? I got my private pilot license at a very rural airport. There if the radio had fell out of the plane I’m not sure it would’ve been noticed. I remember my first flight to the airport where they probably had 50 or 65 flights a day and how busy the radio...
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    Ultimate off road aircraft Tug?

    I need a tug that can operate off road across Alaskan muskeg (swamp) up steep hillsides etc. It needs to be able to carry 1500 pounds with a crew of one and key it needs to be able to pull2000 pounds in those same conditions. Mission pull a airplane about a mile from a short wilderness...