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    New not blue gas...

    Lead isn't good..... ok, ok I get it. The LL battle is lost, that's obvious too. Do I believe the environmental cost is worth losing "affordable" hi-po fuel? I don't.... but we really have crossed the Rubicon on this subject. I'm 52 this year. I was born in mariposa ca in the shadow of Yosemite...
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    The ramp queen...

    Victor Bravo suggested a thread for this odd bird so here goes. I put it in the bush forum, so you guys can join in ... call me a bone head, give off airport or other advice or anything else... my skin is pretty leathery. The plane was built 20 years ago, the builder went west, it ended up in...
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    Mandatory tool box

    What is your mandatory tool list for ga and sheet metal fab? For instance... what's your favorite set of snips and why? Please include pics or a link. I'm currently growing my tool boxes and I need all the help I can get. Who are you sources? A friend likes brown and the yard store.
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    It flys..

    My most recent paint job is flying!
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    Which one?

    I have an o200 going together... Sure fire Or Electro air Which do you have why do you like or dislike it?
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    Conditional A/W cert

    Picked up a plane ... it's over 20 years old. It has the issued A/W cert with the normal 50 mile radius Virginia. I have the plane almost complete here in UT... how hard is it to get the location swapped?
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    Fuel strainer

    I'm up sizing my fuel system to - 8, the old strainers are soldered to the brass bushings. Any of you good people have any tricks for mounting the strainers inside of the aeroquip npt end of the new flittings?
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    Interior door latch

    Do any of you good people know where I can find one of these door levers?
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    Fueling system replacement, what would you do?

    Around a month ago we bought a pzl frank 220hp powered 801.. An Interesting issue reared it's head on the condition inspection I'm working towards completing on the 801. My IA pointed out my fuel supply lines may be a bit too small (3/8) ID. Neither he or I were comfortable with the rubber auto...
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    Flight testing...

    Hey there gents, and ladies. What are your experiences in flight testing, both while airborne and authoring poh and flight manuals? It looks like a deal my brother and I have been working on for two a/c could cose on Monday. Neither has a poh or fm. Both are in airworthy condition and safe for...
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    PA-12 SENSENICH M76AM-2-4-8 $1450

    Prop is in great shape, shows light use. Shipping, crating, negotiable Guy Zindel Ut
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    Help me fund my ratings

    I had stockpiled these items for my pet projects... Instead I need to sell them to fund my instrument, multi, and cfi ratings... Oh well, right? So let's get to it, I can crate and ship with the company of your choice. Please don't go trying to bust my balls on my pricing, especially if you...
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    Grounding & electrical layouts pics please Ok, I've done the searches and have not found the answer... So please dont crucify me if the answer is actually here.... somewhere, it could be I used the wrong terms. Here we go: What is the best way to arrange my grounds in a composite airframe...
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    Does anyone know what temperature the epoxy to construct the pulsar is good for? I have to paint one and we don't know if it can handle a silver colored paint. It looks like it's a post cured structure, but I'm leery of using anything but white.