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  1. Rik-

    Aircraft Registration Question

    I am looking at a project for an aircraft that has been sitting for a number of years. So many in fact, the registration has expired. Is getting this aircraft "re registered" as simple as a call to the FAA or is there more that will be involved in order to get the registration current again...
  2. Rik-

    Wing to Fuselage Placement

    I've noticed that there are High Wings, Low Wings and a "Mid Wing" and it seems for some reason that the Mid Placement Winged planes are faster than the other two mounting styles. Why is this? Why would installing the wing in the middle (side) of the fuselage produce a faster aircraft?
  3. Rik-

    Wing/paint protection film???

    Just wondering how to prevent rock chips in the paint and I thought the 3M film that new cars use on the front of the hood or lower body panels...
  4. Rik-

    Why does everyone build using a cold mold method?

    Looking at all the LongEz, and most all amature built planes, they are built using a cold mold method. Whey not build a plug and pull a mold off it and then layup the parts? Seems that it would be stronger to have a part out of a mold rather than a thin skin over foam build. Why I ask is...
  5. Rik-

    Rutan Catbird

    For some reason, I’ve always loved the Rutan Catbird. Did Rutan ever release plans for this plane? Wonder what happened to the molds that were used to build it? With 180 hp engine it can cruise well over 200 mph, and if the cockpit configuration is changed to a more realistic 4 place it could...
  6. Rik-

    New to this site

    I'm new here, just looking for "actual" information that anyone has on the Quickie Q200's in particular. I'm not so much interested in building or completing a build (unless it's so close or a good project) I'm interested in the handling, both slow and high speed characteristics - the landing...