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    Parts For Sale Firewall for RV-6/6A, 7/7A, 9/9A

    Untouched, factory RV-6/7/9 stainless steel firewall. $50 + shipping from CO, 80919 (Background: used the cowl for a one-off design, but made my own firewall, didn't need hole in center or flanges) [email protected]
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    Encouragement and product plugs for those wanting to paint at home

    Successfully doing fabric and painting in the basement which is open to the rest of the house (high-risk environment!). Using Stewart Systems for glue, fill and primer - hardly any odor for any of those (no topcoat yet). Using Eastwood QST 30/60 scroll compressor - very quiet, the claims of...
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    GPS and ELT Antennas

    Can the same WAAS GPS receiver serve as the GPS input to an ELT which has a 'GPS Interface', using a coax signal splitter? (I'm assuming it uses coax for that connection) Since an ELT is "never" used, can it's signal be routed thru the comm antenna, again using a splitter - rather than carrying...
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    Ztron Lights

    Hi all, Finally ready to install the Ztron nav/strobe lights purchased many yrs ago, only to discover I have no wiring/programming instructions. The box is so small I suspect they were available online but their website has been blank for quite some time. Anyone have a copy please? Thank you!
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    BRS and Aerobatics

    Does a ballistic parachute satisfy the 'parachute' requirement for dual aerobatics?
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    Primer/filler question

    I'd like to finish some fiberglass parts to the 'ready-for-paint' stage. Not knowing the type of paint for the final finish (yrs to go), is there a safe 'hardware store' sandable primer/filler spray suitable for filling scratches and pinholes? By 'safe', I mean something that's not going...
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    Praise for Dremel Support

    I'd like to express my high praise for Dremel's Customer Service. My 15+ yr old moto tool had finally reached the end of a hard life, tried to fix it with replacement parts, but no joy. Sent it to Dremel for service, anticipating the customary charge for a reconditioned tool (very reasonable)...
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    Rotating Tool Cabinet

    While waiting for airplane goodies to arrive, decided to condense 2 immobile cabinets into one mobile cabinet. Construction mostly 1/2" MDF, tool table is 3 layers of 1/2" ply with a 1/2" steel shaft through the middle layer. Tools held in place with 3/8" bolts and "T" nuts on the opposite...
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    steel/aluminum contact

    What is the proper way to blind rivet a steel bracket to an aluminum plate (inside fuselage) to minimize galvanic corrosion? Would painting both surfaces before assembly (or after?) be enough, or am I being overly concerned? Thank you!
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    Need high heat source for bending sheet and tubing

    Welding with TIG but need to bend a few pieces of .050 sheet and tubing (all 4130). Tried my propane torch - nothing - but the flame wasn't very focused either. Would a more focused tip be enough? MAPP seems inexpensive but the bottles don't seem to last very long (2-4 hrs?) however, 2...
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    Stabilator Trim

    How is a stabilator trimmed in flight when the anti-servo tab is forcing the stabilator in the wrong direction? Or, how do you overcome the power of the anti-servo tab, to hold a stabilator in a trimmed postion? Thank you!