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    California Bans Small Off-Road Gas Engines, Including Lawnmowers and Chainsaws

    Thats been an issue ever since the very first emmissions standards were written in the US in the 70's... Nissans L20A I6 engine WITHOUT emissons control was CLEANER than after the requirement to add EC EGR crap. The problem was rather than set standards which the L20A would have passed as it...
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    California Bans Small Off-Road Gas Engines, Including Lawnmowers and Chainsaws

    Feel like getting a subdermal RFID chip in your hand? no need to carry a card, can't loose your paywave unless you lose your hand, in which case you have bigger issues than paying for that mocha-hazelnut-frappe-latte-frozen-bubble-almondmilk-java-pumpkinspice-caramel-matcha grande.
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    California Bans Small Off-Road Gas Engines, Including Lawnmowers and Chainsaws

    I use a Stihl MS140c electric with their 1/2" mini chain. It's surprisingly good for wood up to 8 inch or so, and handy for trimming small stuff and whacking sticks for kindling that are too thick to sever/section in one blow with a hatchet. However it's chain lasts a rather short time with...
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    Would you buy a $13,700 Chinese Aerolite 103 Clone (Ready-to-fly)?

    Theory B seems the most logical for me, through reality oftimes does not conform to logical conclusions it is the occams razor option of choice there. As to the wheel specs and bucket seat design, I'm SURE you could find an almost identical wheel on Alibaba somewhere with enough looking, maybe...
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    Experimental (ELSA / E-AB) No Longer Allowed for Flight Training??

    It's more: Government passes a law. Courts say "that law is ambiguous, this is the interpretation of what it MEANS" when ruling on a lawsuit. Then the governments say, "No, that's what we said, but that's not what we meant" and passes another law saying the same thing differently that...
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    New Time to Climb Record

    in 100 seconds no less... The English Electric Lightning took 207 seconds to 30,000 meters, which is 98,000+ feet.
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    Unlimited Air Racing Dead?

    Time trials sounds interesting... Aerial drag races, given the popularity of ground based drag beasts on the 1/4 mile stateside it should be popular in the air. I suggest 3 sets of pylons, two pairs at the start, one at the finish line, all with laser/radar speed trap sensors that capture the...
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    Experimental aircraft purchase - Do I need to pay sales tax and how? (California USA)

    more questions... Is it a private sale or from a commercial source or broker? Do private sales have to pay sales tax? or only those who are "in Business"? Here in New Zealand you only pay sales tax (GST, Goods and Services Tax, a Value-Added taxation) if you are a in business and trading...
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    More problems for the "B Team" from ST. Louis

    One reason why Air NZ has it's own maintenance department rather than outside contractors.... In fact other crriers contract Air NZ to do THEIR maintenance... Being a National Carrier means political lean to do it right and don't f*k up the perception of the country overseas.
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    Unlimited Air Racing Dead?

    I can see Queenstowns tourisim board getting behind a bid to bring that format to the town, Hamilton ran the V8 Supercars (Think Nascar style cars on a Formula 1 bendy track) around the city streets for a few years before they went back to Pukekohe track. Whanganui does a Isle of Man style TT...
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    Missing airframe parts, legal to fly?

    Something not unique to the FAA or CAA's around the globe. Try being in IT following procedures laid down by management who need reminding that computers don't work unless plugged in. Plenty of reddit stories about incompetent bosses and their paper trails of idiocy.
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    The rise of FrankenEngine - An engine for the VP-21

    I don't know about that, when i was dealing with that it was the early 2000's and was just an electrical solenoid downstream of a regulator rigged to a relay on the alternator output. If volts = 0 relay closed, if volts >0 relay open. Open relay = solenoid open and propane flowing into the...
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    The rise of FrankenEngine - An engine for the VP-21

    Easiest approach I can think of for spark ignition diesel is the old Diesel+Propane trick in reverse. It just means double the fuel system. In the classic system the compression ignites the diesel, which lights the propane which carries the flame through the chamber more efficiently allowing...
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    Re-drives Belt or Chain ?

    48 on the big (wheel) sprocket and 17 on the engine side is 2.82 660 x 2.82 = 1863 rpm. Maybe Hawk switched Wheel and Engine? Posts crossing, Hawk81A posted again while I was typing.
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    Trailer Design - Resources?

    For the hydrolastic type suspension, look at the MGF, I had one, great ride. At the other end of the scale, the walking beam gave the Scammell Pioneer and Explorer trucks some rather extreme offroad capability for the time. 1930s and 1940s trucks with better articulation and suspension travel...
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    Why battery-powered aircraft will never have significant range

    It might seem a big drift, but it was made up of several smaller steps... Batterys suck -> Alternitive to batteries (i.e. Hydrogen) from water. Grid power + water = Hydrogen, Hydrogen in ICE -> Free water from the sky -> Water rights/US sky water ain't free -> NZ sky water = free ->...
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    Trailer Design - Resources?

    Rederal laws don't generally give a set hard and fast size that states MUST use. They give minimums and maximums, States are allowed to legislate that state minimums are greater than federal minimums or state maximums are lower than federal maximums. So the issue is when one state has a...
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    Who do I call?

    Aircraft suffer from Gremlins, not Ghosts. Just care for your plane and don't get them wet or leave food in them after midnight. Luckily with new UV blockers the light issue isn't major. That way nothing turns into Gremlins.
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    Why battery-powered aircraft will never have significant range Why do you want to fly an unmanned stealth recon drone?
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    Why battery-powered aircraft will never have significant range

    I've never paid much attention to hang-gliding etc, But I would suspect they have the equivalent of newbies ski slopes, nice shallow hillsides with not too much slope but placed where the prevailing breeze gives enough ridge lift to learn but where they can't really go so far up as to end up...