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    Engine ideas

    I’ve seen a number of snowmobile to airplane engines, but has anyone tried a PWC engine? Newer ones are all 4 strokes and make up to 300 hp. They also have closed loop cooling systems
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    O-200 performance

    the O-200 in my Christavia has 1 1/2” intake pipes and a small hose inside a larger hose that connects the pipe to the intake spider and the cylinder. my question is, what would happen if I replaced the 1 1/2” pipe with an 1 3/4” ? then I could do away with the small hose completely and get rid...
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    Comfortlite seat

    I couldn’t find any pireps on the comfortlite seat by freebird innovations. But I got one and have it installed. It replaced an old modified c-150 seat. it took a little backwoods engineering to mount it in right place, but the flat base makes for a lot of options. turned out much nicer and...
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    Comfort lite seat

    Has any one tried this Comfort Lite seat by Blackmax? they appear to be pretty light weight. the seat that came in the Christavia looks like a refurbed Cessna 150 seat that is uncomfort heavy. Any other recommendations?
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    Christavia MK1

    Anybody know what model of windshield is used on this plane? I assume the plans, which I do have, call for something like a Champ or Cub or ?
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    Exp to E-LSA

    Hi all, New member here. I am considering buying a Christavia that is currently flying with an experimental registration. In every way it qualifies for LSA , except that when registered, the builder put down 1500# gross. Anybody have any experience with trying to get a plane re-registered into...