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    Kolb Ultrastar Project Wanted

    Hello ... I thought I'd check in here before I bought the plans for a Kolb UltraStar... Let me know please Rbrochey
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    CNC Ribs

    Hi all, RBrochey live from the last bit of physical therapy before I can get back to building. I was wondering if anyone could tell me what would be a good entry (simple) CNC set up would be, I know about zero and want to learn how to do it. I've seen all kinds of cool little set ups out there...
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    Hummel Ultracruiser Plans and/or Partial Kit

    Hello my good friends and HBA! I am looking for a set of plans for a Hummell ultracruiser..A partial kit as well but mostly plans... Spring is FINALLY HERE and hope everyone is gearing up!!!! Hope to meet some of you this year!!!!
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    Shop Time, Donuts and Decent Coffee

    New Mexico weather has been odd this past year and, it seems,the rest of the country as well. A few inches of snow yesterday and cold... now this isn't a bad thing if your work shop is warm, and you have donuts you don't have to share, and some hot strong black coffee. Well a good time to mix up...
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    Hey Angel Flight

    Want to thank any of the members in here want a nice group! They are flying my wife and I down to M D Anderson in Houston. Seems I need a litter more treatment. Thats an organization that will forever get my support. The older I get the more I believe pilots are some of the best people on the...
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    Can You Lighten a Proven Design to Fly Under Part 103

    Over the years I have seen some very nice designs that if just a little lighter would be great to fly under the ultralight rules. Granted this idea is NOT for everyone. But at the expense of flying now and older pilots slowing down and needing an ultralight I wonder about it. Questions that come...
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    Bending Aluminum Tube

    Need some advice. I am embarking on using aluminum tubing for the trike I am building plus 4130 tube bending for my 69 vw that i am converting into a trug which is a bug truck with some baja fenders so i guess its also part off road bug. Anyway I will be using various sizes of tubing. I have...
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    It's a Wonderful World

    Several years ago whilst scanning videos of the Flying Flea, I ran across one where the owner did slow scan around the Flea... showing every section while the background music was Louis Armstrong singing, "It's a Wonderful World ". Now when I am looking at and admiring an airplane I think to...
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    HBA First Annual Home Built Aircraft Meet

    Coming out of the deep and dark December I keep thinking how great it would be for for the HBA folks to get together... Fly in, walk in, drag your project behind an old Chevy pickup, whatever. A FUN event with cookouts, camping, coffee and doughnuts... but most importantly the love of personal...
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    Fisher 303

    As of this Monday. along with the trike I'm building, I will officially be a Fisher 303 builder. I have always liked that ultralight. I have the space and I'm going the kit route. Keep it simple! And the Fisher designs are oh so nice...
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    Happy New Year All

    Well to say this has been an interesting year would be an understatement. I've spent most of it at home recovering from a variety of ailments, but on the plus side I got to spend a lot (too much?) time with my two teenage daughters who struggled so much with their on line classes... but still...
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    Ultralight Trikes

    So I've been off line for awhile and due to health issues changed direction... but sometimes that can be a very good thing. I never gave trikes much thought. Kinda cool but that's about it. I want to build but want to actually finish it. I want safe and fun. Big on fun. So given I had to make a...
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    Kawasaki 440 Opinions?

    Hello I have committed to using a newly reconditioned K 440 with electric start on the 103 trike I am building... seems like a nice engine.... thanks for any input. ...
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    Boat, Plane. Plane, Boat.

    Hello. After a couple of years of far too many doctor appointments, surgeries... radiation... and capped off this past July buy major spine/back surgery where I now have 4 rods and a bunch of aircraft worthy bolts and pins installed, first found myself thinking okay that's it, the projects that...
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    Adios Amigos

    Topaz please delete my account in its totality... I want nothing more to do with HBA Thank you
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    Gone For Good

    Politics influences all that we do, and even the influences governing our flying bugs. I've enjoyed being a member of this group, but I can build my plane without it... just fine. I've also been here for the friendship and even some of the arguments that help us make decisions and open our...
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    Space Force?

    Or is that Space Farce? I guess this is aviation related, being rockets and stuff... I wonder who's going to pay for this lunacy? Oh I know, we'll make the Martians pay for it... Please don't tell me there is anyone in here who thinks this is a good idea? Unbelievable...
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    Wood Working Power Tools Shop Package

    I'm moving into my new solar powered shop and I have some duplicate equipment I decided to sell... I would like to sell this as a package deal, I will list them on Craigslist and maybe ebay on Friday... but though I'd post it here first. I know I live at the ends of the earth but a trip for some...
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    100 Year Old Man Jumps Out of A Plane

    Stories like this should inspire us all!
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    SNS-2 Guppy Thunderbird Aviation LLC

    Was wondering if anyone visited the Thunderbird Aviation display at Oshgosh this year? They have the rights to the Guppy and a couple other craft that also look interesting, the SNS-8 (ultralight) and SNS-9... cool designs