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    Extruded Sections

    Hey Folks: Does anyone know where to find extruded T-sections in 2024T-3 or T-4? Thanks, Chris
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    Pneumatic Squeezer

    Hey guys: I bought a used Pneumatic alligator squeezer. That thing sucks! It's weak, and it only squeezes correctly under certain conditions, ie- not trying to get clearance over an obstruction. My 4x rivet gun did the job perfectly instead! I think I'm a believer in the good old rivet...
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    Riveting in Tight Areas

    Hey Guys: Your answers were great for my last question, so here's another question. I'm riveting the skin over a horizontal stabilizer, and to do this you work from the leading edge to the rear spar. Unfortunately, as you approach the last three rivets along the 2 ribs approaching the rear...
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    Where to Buy a Jig?

    Hello: Does anyone know where to find a jig, so I can keep my horizontal straight as I'm reskinning it? Thanks. Chris
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    Reskinning Horizontal Tail

    Hello Folks: I'm new here, and I'm rebuilding a warbird, a T-6 Anyway, I'm wondering if anyone out there has any experience reskinning or building up a tail surface? If you do, I want to know how to keep the surface straight as you are reskinning or skinning? Also, how to check the...