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    New electric project

    For those who don't know me, I have built many electric aircraft, some of which I have shared plublicly :) The E-Gull and the eXenos are my two most well known and are spectacular performers, filling their missions perfectly. E-Gull eXenos I now have a new opportunity to build a plane...
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    100mph on 24kW? Electric Sonex Xenos performance data.

    I did some recent testing with the Xenos and here is some data for ya'll. A repost from my facebook post. Will my electric Sonex Xenos fly 100mph on 24kW/28 Shaft HP? There seems to be some disbelief that the Xenos will do 100mph on as little power as I have claimed (28 shaft HP). If you do the...
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    I've built a couple of fun electric airplanes, happy to answer questions.

    I've seen quite a bit of discussion on this forum in regard to electric aircraft. I see lots of misinformation and misunderstanding. I've been involved in the EV industry for a couple decades now, I've built a couple personal electric aircraft, and I'm involved in many electric airplanes...