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    Embeded rotor oriented craft

    Just as C++ language, now I introduce the new concept, It Is the result of rotor revolution: Bisercrat : Bi-system-embeded-rotor-craft The great breakout is: Solute the method of embeding rotor If It succed, It will bring the industrial revolution, moster than steam enginge
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    DONG090909 Conjecture when the rotor has forward speed

    1. First guess The conditions for the lift balance of the coaxial anti-propeller rigid double rotors are: the upper and lower rotors are in the same phase Proof method: Junior high school mathematics and physics: vector analysis of forces 2. Second conjecture (an extreme case of the first...
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    Rotor revolution

    1. I respect Sikorsky, but this does not affect my skepticism about his company, working in the rigid rotor field. 2. I think Sikorsky may be wrong on the following points: A. The rotor should not be used for flight, the efficiency is too low, it is best to only use it for lift Of course, the...
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    AAK55 Farmer-craft Product Definition Book (V10.1)

    Alias: Vertical Lifting An-2 1. Features: A. The structure is as simple as possible, high safety, high cost performance B. Fixed-wing cruising speed: 50-60 km/h, (glider with engine, large aspect ratio, straight airfoil) The basic parameters are similar to: Yun 5 or Russian An-2; C. Vertical...