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  1. Armilite

    Arctic Cat 800 HO Twin! Approximately 131hp at 6500rpm!

    For those who want a lot of hp! I have been curious what this Arctic Cat 800 HO Twin, with Dual Plugs, rated [email protected], approximately 131hp at 6500rpm, [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] would work for Airplane used! If you look at the PTO there are Bolt Holes for a Belt Drive or...
  2. Armilite

    277UL Free Air Housing or the Spec's?

    Looking for a 277UL Free Air Housing or the Spec's to make one. Any 3D Models out there? Height, Bolt Pattern, OD & ID, etc.
  3. Armilite

    Rotax 277UL/277F Electric Start?

    Has anyone adapted a Rotax 277UL/277F to Electric Start using a GPL Unit or other Type of Electric Start? Any photos, Info on how you did it? I have a 277UL Free Air Case, Crank, Cylinder, Head, etc. Also got a Jet Ski Starter same Type as GPL used. Seen these photos of one done many years...
  4. Armilite

    Airplane Wanted Rotax 277UL Free Air Housing?

    Wanted Rotax 277UL Free Air Housing and other parts? Even the Specs to draw one up.
  5. Armilite

    617/618UL Big Bore Option

    I saw this AD on FB the other day where a guy put 670, 78mm Cylinders on a 617. So (78mm x 68mm) 650.1cc. 670's have been Big bored to 82.5mm. (82.5mm x 68mm) 727.3cc. Not sure yet what all he did to accomplish this. You have the (617) 76mm vs (670) 78mm Bore, the (617) 68mm vs (670) 70mm...
  6. Armilite

    Long Over looked Rotax Engine!

    Long Overlooked Rotax Engine the 462UL was rated 38kw = [email protected] with a Single Carb! 470 Sleds Sell for $100 to $400. Same Rotary Valve Engine as a Skidoo 470 which is turned to 7750rpm Stock in a Sled. I...
  7. Armilite

    Electric Motor Battery?

    Has anyone looked in the Aluminium Air Batteries? About 9x the Power of Lithiums! Also Lightweight. Technology has been around since the early 60's. The bad thing is once used up they need to be replaced. Can be Recycled. Take 5 minutes to change Battery Pack. Suppose to be cheap. Aluminum-Air...
  8. Armilite

    Anybody seen this Combo Skidoo/Rotax 335 & Belt Drive?

    Has anybody seen this Combo a Skidoo/Rotax 335 Single & Belt Drive being Sold on eBay? Has Electric Start Option, but No Starter. Who made these Belt Drives? ROTAX 335 CC Ultralight , Trike Paraglider engine REDUCTION MOUNT AIRCRAFT | eBay The Skidoo 335 (78mm x 70mm) 334.6cc, 9.0cr is...
  9. Armilite

    DuroMax has a New 500cc, [email protected] Single Cylinder!

    DuroMax has a New 500cc, [email protected] Single Cylinder in their XP13000EH 13,000-Watt Generator, but isn't offering it as a Standalone Engine. A 420 upgraded can make [email protected], and a 460 can make a [email protected] with aftermarket HD Racing Parts. A 500cc should put out around [email protected]
  10. Armilite


    JLO made (14) different Singles. NOS parts are still available. Some guys in Europe are making an L-372/L-380/L-395 REED FED Cylinder. They also have Holes around the PTO for Adapting a Belt or Gear Drive. The ACE Belt Drive is the easiest to Adapt. My idea of a Belt Drive backplate for it.
  11. Armilite


    Kawasaki made a 292 Fan Single with Bolt Holes around the PTO for a Belt Drive or Adapting a Rotax A Gear Drive. Muffler only! Model KT-150A rated [email protected]! 292 (74mm x 68mm) 292.5cc/7cc = [email protected] with a Good Tuned Pipe. But for USA Part 103 you probably only need 28-35hp. Model...
  12. Armilite

    ROTAX 277UL TYPE 275 Free Air or Fan Cooled BUILD

    For those of you looking for a Cheap $100 to $500 Rotax 277 (72mm x 66mm) 268.8cc which Stock was rated [email protected], and also [email protected], with a Rotax's Header Muffler or 30-38hp with some Mods and a proper Designed Tuned Pipe! Courtesy of n3puppy who found the 277 Type 275 Manual we have...
  13. Armilite

    Rotax 277UL Free Air Housing.

    Wanted Rotax 277UL Free Air Housing. Also looking for a Blowed up Parts Diagram for the Housing & Rope Pull Start parts needed.
  14. Armilite

    Anybody using one of these Old Skidoo Singles?

    Anybody using one of these Old Skidoo 250 Type 247 Singles? I see Steve Beatty from Airscrew Selling them on eBay. This used one was on Facebook Marketplace. Stock their [email protected] (69mm x 66mm) 246.8cc! The 246 Blizzard was 29hp with a Tuned Pipe. With just a Cylinder & Head Change you can...
  15. Armilite

    Rotax 277UL Fanner Cooling Upgrades?

    Has anyone Designed a Duct/Scoop for attaching to the Fan Cover Housing on the Rotax 277UL for a Cooling Upgrade? In a Sled there tilted forward a little, on a Plane there turned for Tractor or Pusher use!
  16. Armilite

    Van Guard 23hp V Twin 627cc?

    Anybody had any dealings with the Van Guard 23hp V Twin (Small Block) 627cc? The GX390 Singles can be Big Bored to Max 100mm. I have a chance to buy one for $75 that says it just needs a Rod, No Head, or Cylinder Damage. If a 460 Single upgraded can make [email protected], a 460 458cc/37hp= 12.4cc to...
  17. Armilite

    Hard to find Rotax 277 Rods.

    For those wanting a Rotax 277F Rod kit to rebuild their 277F or 277UL Crank.
  18. Armilite

    EZ Fun Flyer?

    Does anyone know what happened to the Ez Fun Flyer a Lazair knock-off using 120cc Honda/Clone Engines? Details: EZ Fun Flyer Blue Yonder Aviation, Inc. Box 12, Site 9, RR 5 Calgary, AB T2P 2G6 Canada Phone: 403-936-5767...
  19. Armilite

    Rotax PTO Taper?

    Rotax used mainly 30mm 1:10 PTO Taper for most of its 2 Strokes. The 670 and Newer Engines use a 33mm 1:7.5 PTO Taper. Now I have had a lathe for 25+ years and never did a Taper. I have a Steel Pulley that has a Straight Hole and I want to fit on my 277 PTO, but I don't have a 277 PTO Drawing...
  20. Armilite

    Improving Take Off Performance?

    Ok, I have a friend who has a Kolb Firestar 2 which is tandem configuration, with a 503UL (50hp) with C Gear Box with a 3.0 to 1 ratio and a 71/72" Warp Drive Prop. 6500rpm / 3.0 = 2166.6 rpm for Prop. It's a (3) Blade. A 72" x 22 at 6500/3.0 = 2166.6rpm Pitched for 2066.6rpm (3) Blade =...