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  1. Spinnetti

    Cleaning out the hanger... WAR FW190 plans (US shipping only) - SOLD

    Plans have been sold. Thanks folks..
  2. Spinnetti

    Cleaning out the hanger... WAR FW190 plans (US shipping only) - SOLD

    I've still got a set of plans (I had later bought a project with plans, so ended up with two sets). make me an offer (US shipping only due to shipping cost)
  3. Spinnetti

    Thermal Barrier Coatings

    I wonder the same thing... I race and it definitely helps get that last bit of power out of car engines, and I would think it would be even more beneficial here. I'd do moly skirts, and ceramic on the piston crowns, combustion chamber and valve faces. The more heat goes out the exhaust (more...
  4. Spinnetti

    Focke Wulf 190 80% Scale

    Any more progress?
  5. Spinnetti

    For Sale W.A.R. FW190 plans.

    Planset all boxed up. Bought the plans, then bought a project which also had plans. I think the set is all complete, but not 100% sure. All the big prints are there for sure, just not 100% on a few of the 11x17 sheets. Make me an offer. email to my username
  6. Spinnetti

    WAR FW190 or P40 plans

    I've got a set of 190 plans.... email my user name at
  7. Spinnetti

    WAR FW190

    sorry, I mean ... oops.
  8. Spinnetti

    WAR Aircraft replicas

    Thanks for the feedback.. I had a WAR 190, and it was both too small, and I decided I hate composites... if you haven't seen it, google Terry Kronk's RV built style 190... that's what I'm talking about.... a metal replica 190 or 109 with 2nd seat capability would have my money.... Something...
  9. Spinnetti

    85 lbs thrust from 14hp

    I saw an ultralight fly with a jet apu at air venture.. was hilarious to see a kite flying by slowly sounding like a jet taking off lol.
  10. Spinnetti

    WAR Aircraft replicas

    You are the first guy on here in a long time who is more than a dreamer... Best of luck to you! Given the construction methods (kind of like Baslees WWI planes) I assume not stressed for any aero? I'd love a all metal FW190 in around 75% scale but too chicken to try to design it myself.... Would...
  11. Spinnetti

    WAR FW190

    If anybody needs plans, I have a set. email me as I don't get on here much... i'm at ymail. com under spinnetti (phrased that way to avoid automated email skimmers)
  12. Spinnetti

    Radial engine

    George, I looked at HCI when I had my Fw years ago (I stopped by your place 10 years ago maybe?), and saw it at sun & fun, but though an interesting concept, I wouldn't fly behind one. I looked into making my own using later model BMW motorcycle pistons, cylinders and heads which I like a LOT...
  13. Spinnetti

    WAR Aircraft replicas

    Holtzy, if you are still planning to build, I have a new in box (uncut) spinner for the WAR FW190. I'll throw up up on ebay and the usual places in a few weeks, but if interested, ping me.
  14. Spinnetti

    Focke Wulf 190 80% Scale

    The cheaper and more realistic it looks, the better the sales potential... Hurry up so I can build one :)
  15. Spinnetti

    WAR Aircraft replicas

    Brian, looks like a Rare Bear in the works! - Looks Great! Holtzy, its not making a rv8 look like something else, its using its design and construction methods, applied to a new shape to avoid most of the reengineering... Check out Terry Kronks Fw190 - looks fantastic and is how he did it.
  16. Spinnetti

    Another WAR Fw190 completion!

    When's first flight George?
  17. Spinnetti

    Luftwaffe Sticks

    3d print it, clean it up, then use as mold and cast in aluminum.... There's some out there already that have done this, but not commercially available
  18. Spinnetti

    Routing Out All Your Aluminum Ribs *Without* Welding Them Together

    ....Or you could look up the appropriate feed rate and rpm to cut with... My guess is the router speed is way too high for the federate you are running... there are plenty of calculators for that sort of thing..
  19. Spinnetti

    European Aircraft Manufacturer Willing to Build a New Warbird Replica (80 to 90%)

    is that a Harmon rocket, F1 rocket? I can't keep all those things straight! I like the idea of that with a fastback turtledeck.. Throw in some retracts and a better looking tail, and I could get over not having a Fw190 I guess... Never gonna spend $300k for a replica.. simply no business case...
  20. Spinnetti

    WAR Aircraft replicas

    Well, I'm not using the WAR design, or "scaling down" from the real thing either. Its more like design a sport plane from a clean sheet, that superficially looks like the 190. I'll use the Rv8 as my starting point and see what I come up with.