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  1. Derswede

    Health Wealth & Happiness

    Love that joke! Self-employed reality! Derswede
  2. Derswede

    Importing a kit to USA (Thunder Mustang)

    Determine how much space it will take first. A standard 40' container is of course, 40'. This is what I go by, I ship 10-20 containers a year. "The dimensions of a 40-foot container are: Exterior Dimensions (in feet): 40' long x 8' wide x 8' 6” high. Exterior Dimensions (in meters): 12.19m...
  3. Derswede

    Planning to construct a good composite curing oven...request some feedback/input

    My old neighbor did military work, silkscreening on military gear. He had a huge oven to bake on the paint. Would hit several hundred degrees with no problem...we baked a few pizzas a couple of times, more as a joke. It used oven heat elements. They had them against the ceiling, a steel caged...
  4. Derswede

    Burton factory or kit sports car based on Citroën 2CV

    I can’t enjoy anything that is running. I cant figure out why my fuel pumps are humming away in my Alfa Spider but no fuel getting to the engine. I’m in heaven. TFF, it is Italian, it is not supposed to run, just be admired. My brother had a Lotus Europa JPS special for awhile, if you have...
  5. Derswede

    Slice & Dice time

    And that is why microprocessors were created. Waving at the girls offscreen (HA! Dubai don't allow that) is what the human does, the micros keep you from failing at avoiding the ground. Like it says in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Universe, “There is an art, it says, or rather, a knack to...
  6. Derswede

    One of the really Good Flyers !

    Some of that was in Brasil, lots of lawyers here in the US, much lower level there. There are ultralights that fly off the beach there. Nice article (in Spanish) for an Argentine design: El avión ultraligero más veloz del mundo se montará en Punta del Este "The fastest Ultralight" Crossed...
  7. Derswede

    Cessna 208 Electric Conversion

    Heck of a long extension cord! Derswede
  8. Derswede

    More Power

    We did something similar on the Pitts that is my id picture. It was used as a Trim tab, worked well. Sat just above the tailwheel. Derswede
  9. Derswede

    Boeing automated “wingman” fighter jet

    OK, when does SkyNet come online, and where is Arnold and his shades and shotgun? Derswede
  10. Derswede

    Pod & Boom ; the folding prop integrated Around the boom

    2300 rpm. If you can't buy one, let me know, I sell knitting machines and can probably find you a couple of bearings out of a scrapped machine. Will have several machines going to Scrap in Kentucky early next month. Will trade for bourbon! Derswede
  11. Derswede

    Pod & Boom ; the folding prop integrated Around the boom

    If you need a large dia bearing, get an old sock knitting machine, pull the cylinder out. Most have a 4" to 5" diameter bearing under the cylinder. Those are designed for 500 RPM for days on end. Just a sourcing idea. Derswede
  12. Derswede

    Reviving a hangar queen?

    Local private strip is populated with hanger queens. Had an A&P friend walk the line with me one day, the only plane there out of 20 or so that he said looked decent was an Aeronca Chief. Spent the next few weeks trying to buy it, owner said (and we all have heard this!!), "no, don't want to...
  13. Derswede

    For Sale Craigslist

    Hey! I am near Charlotte and may just be interested enough to do a west coast driveout. Not at CannonBall speeds of course, but hang it off the back of the pickup and avoid low bridges, might work. Would attract a bit of attention, I'd bet! Derswede
  14. Derswede

    For Sale Craigslist

    Interesting little project! American Eaglet motor glider - aviation - by owner - airplane... Derswede
  15. Derswede

    New replica 1944 Hamilton-Standard prop

    Now that is one pretty and impressive paddle! Nicely done! Derswede
  16. Derswede

    Vietnam Legacy Event

    A few sad photos of the museum in Saigon.
  17. Derswede

    For Sale Conti A65 and flange crank for same

    I've given up on getting the bird I had been wanting....last one had major fuselage rot. Now have snagged a Hawk which will need a bit of repair, so need to fund that and more dual time to get back current. I had snagged a nice Continental 65 from an A&P which had come out of his T-Craft...
  18. Derswede

    I went flying

    I'm partway thru the same story. Flew an old Musketeer for some years, ended up "living on commercial birds" for 25 years, got to fly a bit (Friend in Argentina had a Debonair, I got to fly it some), but another job change and another few years stuck to the ground. My CGS Hawk is sitting in my...
  19. Derswede

    For Sale Craigslist

    McCulloch engine. Mid Tenn. Derswede
  20. Derswede

    $10 gallon Avgas

    What you want to know is DTW PRICE (dealer tank wagon price). That is normally a 8,000 to 10,000 gallon load. Add 8 to 10 cents dealer profit per gallon and local taxes ( here in NC around 36 cents/gal) and you should have street price. Which is falling fast. I live near a major...