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  1. addicted2climbing

    Zenith Carb for a Cassler 1/2 Cut case?

    Hello All, My dad has a 1/2 VW project built from Cassler plans. He has found a few Zenith Updraft carbs online and has part numbers but has no idea what part number Zenith he should be looking for? Also if there is another brand carb people like I am open to suggestions. Thanks Marc
  2. addicted2climbing

    4A-084 teledyne engines for sale

    I reached out to you many years ago regarding your Skylite with the O84 engine in it. Ed told me that anything heavier than then 80lbs was too heavy for a Skylite. Curious how it worked out for you. Also it looks like you changed the rudder as well. I am the fairly new owner of the Skylite...
  3. addicted2climbing

    Peter does it again

    Woe, Fritz, I figured if anyone were on his side it would be you as your such a prolific designer. Yet you do vet your designs properly before moving to building or inspiring others to build so see that side too. Anyhow, everything peter is doing can be viewed from both sides. Yes he is...
  4. addicted2climbing

    Peter does it again

    My only gripe is unsure why he chose to put the elevator on the bottom of the fuselage instead of the top. On the bottom it rubs the grass and will be taken out for sure and damage the aft wooden structure. Really odd choice in my opinion. Also with a Vitorazi in Tractor config its also an...
  5. addicted2climbing

    If your building a Spad XIII than you better paint it like Vieux George!

    If your building a Spad XIII than you better paint it like Vieux George!
  6. addicted2climbing

    Hello from France

    Hey Super Spinach, I see your in the southwest of France and curious as to where? I have family (wife is from Paris) in the Gers and a few flying friends in Toulouse. If your anywhere near Toulouse, I can put you in touch with a friend with a J3 and an ASH25. He also fly's the Breguet XIV...
  7. addicted2climbing

    Ultralight Biplanes

    If your looking for a true Part 103 UL, Either the Zipster above or the Micro Mong would be hard pressed to beat. The Zipster is somewhat lost to the world with the demise of Hart Aero but as BillyVray said, plans are out there. If you settle on this design PM me and I can give you your first...
  8. addicted2climbing

    I just sent you a PM

    I just sent you a PM
  9. addicted2climbing

    What is an affordable ultralight?

    Any second hand UL is affordable
  10. addicted2climbing

    Ercoupe-like cantilever wing in wood

    Hello Pops, As VB says I am looking to buy a straight tail 172 within the next month or so. I would be interested to know more. Please PM me and I will reply with my Email address. Or go here and reply to my contact form with your contact info. Where is the plane...
  11. addicted2climbing

    For Sale Luton LA4a Minor Plans

    Bummer I would have jumped on these... bummed I missed them
  12. addicted2climbing

    Flight Club - Ultralight Build Log

    I see you redid the area to allow the pilot to enter.. Looking great, but why the fixed gear?
  13. addicted2climbing

    Flying Flea plans.

    Malcolm Here is a link to the pics of the Émeraude. I’d like to find a home for it that will actually finish it. It’s at KWHP. Pics: As for the part103 flea you might have a look at the APEV site as they do have a flea that has a fuselage. Looks much nicer than the ones built from tubing...
  14. addicted2climbing

    Flying Flea plans.

    Fred fo you have a link to some HM14 plans? I plan to start drawing up a pedal car for my son. Can be RC plans since im just using the rough outline but proper plans would be better. Malcolm will teply later with link to emeraude pics
  15. addicted2climbing

    Flying Flea plans.

    In regards to the APEV plans, still no way to get spars in the USA. Every time I inquire about shipping a set over from France, it becomes troublesome and i give up. I got a quote to extrude some here and it was not too bad if I had 20 or so spars run which would leave some available for...
  16. addicted2climbing

    Boku can you make one of these next?

    Bob, I know you have the FES option on your HP24, but I remember a while back you entertained the thought of a Pod and boom Bowlus'ish glider with a shorter span able to use some of the existing wing molds from the HP24. Curious if you could lean more toward an 12 Meter smaller glider with the...
  17. addicted2climbing

    Pod & Boom ; the folding prop integrated Around the boom

    Its been done with a Moyes Tempest. More info here: Ring Around the Tail Boom - CAFE Foundation Blog
  18. addicted2climbing

    Cygnet project available

    Well than I have a deal for you... How bout an Emeraude CP328a project. Wing and Empenage done. Fuselage unstarted. Its at KWHP Pics here: PM me if interested. Marc
  19. addicted2climbing

    Cygnet project available

    Here is the Cygnet that Chater 40 has that VB is referring to. It just left for a flight a few minutes ago. And VB my guess is the last thing chapter 40 needs is another Cygnet Project... :confused:
  20. addicted2climbing

    Wanted Graham Lee or Airdrome Aiplanes plans

    This is good news Fritz that he is on top of shipping the plans out. I will order a set this week than. Marc