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  1. D Hillberg

    Icon A5 Update - No Deliveries!?!

    Forget the time limits, contracts and other stuff these A5 ICON guys have. When an ole PBY, Grumman, or insert your float plane here ---->____________________ are on the market. Heck splice an aluminum whaler boat in an RV and call it done
  2. D Hillberg

    Rusty Skeletons in the Closet

    After blasting heat the whole frame with a rosebud torch, You'll see the water evaporate off the tubing while it's still warm shoot some good sealing primer on it You won't get rust spotting and the primer goes off fast...
  3. D Hillberg

    Sheet Metal Engine Mount?

    Beechcraft Bonanza
  4. D Hillberg

    How to know if a rc plane is too heavy to fly?

    When it behaves like a lawn mower Really heavy a post hole digger
  5. D Hillberg

    Aerial Spraying: What AGL?

    We were lifting an AC unit at a local SoCal golf course -120 foot long line hanging down with a one hundred foot antenna sticking up next to the curb - Clear over the right, Look down 'AC on the spot' then looked up to the right and I saw no one in the cockpit going straight and level on course...
  6. D Hillberg

    Can wonder woman have her plane now?

    The only thing us guys want to know is if she has star spangled panties that match her skirt and golden bracelets.
  7. D Hillberg

    Control via Hydraulics

    What do I know? I fly those pesky helicopoters 🚁
  8. D Hillberg

    Control via Hydraulics

  9. D Hillberg

    Control via Hydraulics

    Can't imagine a flight control system with massive weights of tractor parts on each surface and under the skins for a little puddle jumper :fear:
  10. D Hillberg

    Control via Hydraulics

    Controls are hydraulically boosted. Still has the controls with pilot valves . . . My examples had no hard linkages only control pistons to hoses to pylon pistons. or control/hose/device Only one "Worked" the Eagles Perch Nolend coaxel but the other design issues made sales few (very few)
  11. D Hillberg

    Control via Hydraulics

    And don't forget the cooling nature of winters at altitude . . . Sluggish or sticking moving parts... Wire rope cables have a grand inexpensive history of trouble free operations. Learn from others experience - But leave room for the fun stuff
  12. D Hillberg

    Control via Hydraulics

    Know a few experimental helicopters that tried the hydraulic control way; It doesn't work. period. As fluid seeps weeps and leaks the control center moves and the rigging goes to pot in short order. Tubing expands and contracts and small pistons leave a film on oil in the ram bores or draw air...
  13. D Hillberg

    How To Clean Out Pitot Tube...Looking For Advice

    carb on a bench ready for install everything clean as a whistle - Put the gasket over the studs and looked back at the bench only to see a bugs butt disappear into the inlet fitting..... Bugger had packed the finger strainer full - Never saw him busy - He never saw it coming. :grave:
  14. D Hillberg

    Control via Hydraulics

    It's easier to name un boosted controlled helicopters Enstrom Hughes Brantley Robinson R-22 All the rest have hydraulically boosted controls... some have both cable controlled tail rotor or pp tubes - fewer have teleflex
  15. D Hillberg

    Does this hole significantly weaken this structure?

    Nice lightning hole. no sharp edges no problem... :popcorn:
  16. D Hillberg

    Crashes in the News - Thread

    Can use a Stanley Escape system . . . Just not under wires or bridges.
  17. D Hillberg

    Crashes in the News - Thread

    Doesn't take a test pilot to see a ride not worth the added risks. . . . :fear: Human Smoothies $ 6.99 ea
  18. D Hillberg

    Crashes in the News - Thread

    Bird or not - It lost control - Failure mode #1 = single point failure loss of control, no autorotation no glide. And you think of this as a means of 'safe' travel ? ? ? human smoothies $ 4.99 ea
  19. D Hillberg

    What do y'all think is the absolute best

    You're not supposed to eat the cans... aluminum + Recycle shop = beer $$$$$$$ :fear: What do you think TUMS antacid is?
  20. D Hillberg

    What do y'all think is the absolute best