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  1. Topaz

    Oshkosh 2020 Cancelled

    Moderator Note: There are now about three pages of posts (and chunks of a few others) missing from this thread. The thread started off (just fine) with a discussion of the cancellation of Oshkosh 2020. Yes, it was cancelled because of the current pandemic. However, the discussion diverted into...
  2. Topaz

    Raptor Composite Aircraft

    I hadn't seen the logo before. <cringe>
  3. Topaz

    high efficiency practical airframe

    @BJC - At the last ESA workshop (Labor Day, 2019), it was mentioned that the project was still alive, but that was about it. The lack of apparent progress or even progress reports is worrying.
  4. Topaz

    Peter does it again

    Whether or not Peter Stripol makes YouTube videos is really far off-topic for a discussion of his latest airplane design. YouTube is very much "the" way to disseminate this kind of information today, and Peter is simply a man of his time. That he makes money off his videos is also not relevant...
  5. Topaz

    How to accurately cut out plywood?

    Or temporarily affix the plans to the plywood, prick the drawing (Wartenberg Wheel), sprinkle fine colored chalk powder over the holes. Pull away the plans and you'll have tiny dots of colored chalk directly on the plywood. You can use that either to connect with a pencil or pen (recommended) ...
  6. Topaz

    How wide for a side-by-side?

    @ScaleBirdsScott - Since nobody answered your question, takeoff-distance performance is most affected by power-to-weight ratio and the rolling friction coefficient of the landing gear wheels on the type of surface involved. Climb-out performance is most affected by power-to-weight ratio and...
  7. Topaz

    Best fuselage shape

    This is going to come off snippy, which I do not intend, but what of it?
  8. Topaz

    Best fuselage shape

    See the sudden rate of change of curvature on "A", about mid-chord on the wing? Likely to be a lot of separation there. Whereas "B" has a low rate of change of curvature, forward to aft.
  9. Topaz

    Still breathing!

    Moderator Note: This is the third warning in this thread to stay on the topic of personal "COVID-19 wellness checks." I've just deleted several posts branching off into the riots and protests. I know it's on everyone's mind, but let's not light that powderkeg here, okay? Next time this thread...
  10. Topaz

    RoofTop Scale testing

    If you have to ask... ;)
  11. Topaz

    Any one else watching the SpaceX launch?

    Fully pilots, in the sense that anyone "pilots" a spacecraft today. I mean, AFAIK, they don't manually steer the flight with a "control stick" per se, but they can direct and/or override any of the computer functions, including manually initiating an abort with the big black "T" handle at the...
  12. Topaz

    Any one else watching the SpaceX launch?

    I was watching the process since about three hours before the scrub. I've watched every crewed launch, minus a couple of shuttle launches, since Apollo 14, including Skylab and the ASTP. This one went very smoothly except for the weather. Regarding the suits, I saw the guy in the foreground...
  13. Topaz

    JMR Special 1st Taxi

    Congratulations, Pops! Great to see her moving under her own power!
  14. Topaz

    another Autoflight gearbox failure - this time after 34 hrs

    Unfortunately, I've had exactly the same experience. Still, the odds are better with a good attorney, despite the costs.
  15. Topaz

    Why Gas Engines Are Far From Dead - Biggest EV Problems

    Not to mention slow the roll rate and require larger ailerons (and therefore also rudder) for adequate lateral control. There are very good reasons that small-plane designs tend to concentrate masses near the center of gravity, and it's not only the CG range.
  16. Topaz

    Still breathing!

    Moderator Note: Again, please confine this thread to personal "wellness checks." It is not a place for general COVID-19 information, which can be found and shared elsewhere on the internet. HBA is not a forum for general discussion of the virus, the pandemic, cures/treatments, and especially not...
  17. Topaz

    Tubular boom from sheet?

    It sounds like more work than a fuselage, discarding the one thing - perceived simplicity - that makes a tube-boom attractive in the first place.
  18. Topaz

    Ted, a New Member

    Welcome to the forums, Ted!
  19. Topaz

    Launching Squirrels

    This is not even remotely aviation-related and, Will, you've been here long enough to certainly know better! However I'm laughing far too hard to be able to find my "delete" button. Pro Tip: If you're going to post something non-aviation in "Hangar Flying", make sure it's as hilariously good...