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    P-51 Replica. It's a Slow Day, so Let's Design One.

    Ok, so below is my original statement about the P-47. By the paragraph structure you can clearly see I stated probably a better choice during WWII. Right there, parameters set. To my knowledge aircraft were shooting guns and trying to survive battle damage during that time. You then...
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    P-51 Replica. It's a Slow Day, so Let's Design One.

    Granite Falls, MN. We're about two hours straight west of Minneapolis. It would be great to have you stop by some time. Preferably with your Mustang.:) Brandon
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    P-51 Replica. It's a Slow Day, so Let's Design One.

    I've been fortunate enough in life to end up running one of the top restoration shops in the United States. It allows me to work directly with some of the top warbird pilots past and present. Both in the air and on the ground. If you're ever near southwestern MN give me a shout, I'll take you...
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    P-51 Replica. It's a Slow Day, so Let's Design One.

    Yes the P-47 is better up high. It's comparable to the P-51 down low. What makes it a better choice than the P-51 down low, but not the best, is it's durability and fire power. This is only based on first hand knowledge and talking with the guys that flew them during WWII so the info may not be...
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    P-51 Replica. It's a Slow Day, so Let's Design One.

    The P-51 is a great flying plane with limitations. Those limitations are clearly spelled out in training videos and pilots manuals available today. Like any plane, understand and fly within those limitations and you will not be disappointed. Fly outside those limitations, without killing...
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    P-51 Replica. It's a Slow Day, so Let's Design One.

    I've seen a lot of experienced pilots get disappointed over the flying qualities of a plane they didn't know how to fly. Brandon
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    another Autoflight gearbox failure - this time after 34 hrs

    Generally when you machine housings like this for bearings, all the bearings in that housing would be done in one setup. Prop bearing, idler bearing, any other bearings that need tight tolerances to each other. If one bearing was off are the others? If not, it sounds like poor design, or poor...
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    New replica 1944 Hamilton-Standard prop

    I forgot about the early dash number "D" models with the round tip Ham Standards that were made in Dallas. Brandon
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    New replica 1944 Hamilton-Standard prop

    The P-51Ks that came out of the Dallas plant all had Aeroproducts propellers. That was about the only difference between the "D" and the "K". The Aeroproducts prop was not a paddle blade and looked quite different. Brandon
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    New replica 1944 Hamilton-Standard prop

    Wasn't this built in Texas? Shouldn't it be a P-51K with an Aeroproducts prop?:D ;) It's looking really good. Brandon
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    New design... the “Eye Roll” One

    When are these guys going to learn? Everyone knows that studies have shown this won't work without, 5/8" shag carpet starting at 11% cord under the wing and 3/4" shag starting at 52% on top. That's where the magic happens. Brandon
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    Forum made EFI?

    For my Glasair I'm building a throttle body similar to the Rotec. It uses the standard fuel delivery with a diaphragm but also has an injector. The injector uses a TPS and linear potentiometer hooked to the mixture lever for fuel control. The diaphragm system works like a standard Rotec or...
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    After market liquid cylinders for Lycoming engines

    These were designed by Andrew Higgs. He's the gentleman that is also working on the Higgs diesel engine. It's a really well thought out design. A couple years back I was talking to Andrew about running them on my Glasair but haven't got to that point yet. Brandon
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    I am building a tractor, side by side, engine behind pilot gyroplane.

    "All" is a pretty bold statement considering one of the most successful aircraft reduction drives in history has a 2:1 ratio. Thousands have flown and are still flying. Brandon
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    Single-seat ultralight puddlejumper: the "Carbonmax"

    And the P-40. Was pretty common practice in the 30's and 40's. Brandon
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    How I make steel fittings

    Newer iPhones and and Android phones have a video stabilization setting that really helps. You should see if you have that option and that it's on. Brandon
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    Dyke Delta mechanical flight control schematics... any pictures out there?

    A design similar to this would be the simplest. Brandon
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    RC scale competition and full scale...

    Mini-Max example 199# -65 to 70# (for the way smaller engine) -7 to 10# (tail surfaces converted to 1" insulating foam) -50# (wings 1" foam spar with 1/2" foam ribs and skins. Small protruded rod spar caps.) -50# (fuselage with 1/2 inch foam sides and bulkheads) -10# (other little things in...
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    60” wide 2024 aluminum

    Cut 36" off of a standard sheet.:D Brandon
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    BD5 Kits need completing

    So as a designer for Harley Davidson you know that the balancers balance out the mass being thrown about in the engine, but the engine still has power pulses? Brandon