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  1. 4trade

    Wanted WTB Jurca P-40 plans

    Looking for those plans, contact on private message if you want to sell yours.
  2. 4trade

    Virtual cockpit tour

    Finnish Air Force Museum has add lot of new cockpit panorama view on virtual museum tour.
  3. 4trade

    Virtual tour aircraft museums

    Now they have new virtual tour with cockpit view added too. Main exhibition - Finnish Airforce Museum
  4. 4trade

    P-40 Warhawk 1/2 Size Replica?

    P40, P51 or P47 lookalike can be build using Sonerai 2(or similar tube frame) fuselage and Smyth Sidewinder or Mustang 1 or 2 wings with small modification. Cockpit is closer to right place.
  5. 4trade

    Windows 10???

    You need to delete windows update kb3035583 to make it disappear.
  6. 4trade

    Cassutt - looking for anyone who knows anything about it

    They fly together sometimes: Cassutt Racer - CRAP Keoki: Carl:
  7. 4trade

    Budapest Air-Show Highlights... This would never be allowed in the US

    I was on Red Bull guest there in 2008. Stunning show to see and really great service for guest in Red Bull guest area. Beat any aviation show anytime.
  8. 4trade

    Virtual tour aircraft museums

    Keski-Suomen Ilmailumuseo - Main Exhibition
  9. 4trade

    FW190 Replica Kits

    No. All Jurca plans are wood aircraft and some of them are design with 4130 tube fuselage option.
  10. 4trade

    Virtual tour aircraft museums

    These are great sites. I have been enjoying a lot of these tours, thank you all! Hope to see a lot more!
  11. 4trade

    Virtual tour aircraft museums

    I want to see every virtual tour aircraft museum possible, and best way is start topic here, i think. Please, add link if you know one! Louisiana State Museum: Louisiana State Museum
  12. 4trade

    What happens in Europe if you just fly your LSA around the hood and land on pastures?

    Re: What happens in Europe if you just fly your LSA around the hood and land on pastu Finland is bush country and you can fly with any land with land owner permission and you can use almost all 187 000 lakes without permission.
  13. 4trade

    Deep BreatHER© - an innovative engine construction

    There was claim for O 200 that might ring a bell for most aircraft mechanic. 200+ hp at 2750 rpm. Yes, that is absolutely doable, but when somebody do it, it really need 2 X more air and gas than 100 hp O 200. That will add 2 X thermal load too, and that is something alarming for engine like O...
  14. 4trade

    Deep BreatHER© - an innovative engine construction

    He he! I was just point out lack of information compared to claims. If there is no information and video claims tons of power and torque, that is just talk. I am happy if somebody can build more powerful engines than now exist, and could keep it together with higher power levels. That mean...
  15. 4trade

    Deep BreatHER© - an innovative engine construction

    That site and lack of information is just completely waist of time for viewers. There is plenty of different ways to get engines breathe. That does not means existing engines can take the heat of breath! If you got some heat here, you should expect that based on your "reveal" and zero...
  16. 4trade

    0200 pistons

    I have not done it. It can be done by piston dimensions based. My plans changed, i will be put O-320 in my Cassutt. Small weight penalty (approx 20 lbs when lightened) , more reliable power without possible heat problems.
  17. 4trade

    How many HBA members on Facebook?

    What! Is there other social media than HBA?
  18. 4trade

    Kit fox or bearhawk

    There is only wood ribs in Kitfox, not wood wing. BIG difference.
  19. 4trade

    Wood Constant Speed Prop Blades

    Autoconversion? Marine (auto) conversion have several type of V8 that can run opposite direction than autoengine. Cams and cam gears are cheap for marine V8.
  20. 4trade

    Wood Constant Speed Prop Blades

    Bob Barrows, Bearhawk designer, build wood blades for constant speed prop too. He maybe can give some help.