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  1. Mac790

    The new BMW "Baby Six" diesel engine.

    The BMW introduced a new 3 cylinder, 1.5l all aluminum diesel engine. Is it the enigne that some of us have been waiting for? links Meet The New "Baby-Six" New BMW 3 Cylinder Turbo Petrol and Diesel Engines Detailed - BMW 3-Series (E90 E92) Forum - Seb
  2. Mac790

    "Sky Full of Heat" by Sebastian Kawa

    Like in the title, "Sky full of heat" is a new (coming soon, end of the November) book by Sebastian Kawa (8 times world champion in gliding). Can't make a proper review as book haven't been released yet, but seems that book is divided in two general parts, the first autobiographical, and the...
  3. Mac790

    R. J. Mitchell biography movie.

    I wasn't sure where to post it, but it might be a good place for it here. Probably a lot of people here have seen it already, but just in case for those you haven't. This movie is from 1942, old school one, no Hollywood garbage, no computer generated airplanes, no silly love plot that nobody...
  4. Mac790

    The Birth of Bell Helicopter.

    I found this pretty interesting vid in my recommended vids at YT (I'm subscribed to UnknownWW2InColor channel), accident at 1.17 was really nasty, a guy was thrown up through the rotor and survive to say about it :). I found also more interesting one, "The birth of Bell Helicopter"...
  5. Mac790

    Big Frog (French tranlation needed)

    Some people here might be familiar with this project, is the Nemesis NXT build by French but instead Lycoming 0-540/720, they used 4 piston diesel aviation engine, it seems that they finally managed to fly it, the problem is that I don't speak French, I was looking at their webpage and there are...
  6. Mac790

    Learning resources TU Delft

    Wasn't sure where to post it, like in the title some learning resources from Jarno Uni, strange that he didn't post it before, Aerostudents - Home some subjects are more complete other less, but still is some stuff to read and watch, special for those of us with little experience in aviation...
  7. Mac790

    Dealing with aft swept wing. General ideas.

    I'm collecting informations about aft swept wings. Somebody might wonder why I'm thinking about swept wings? Generally there are at least two reasons for it, first transonic speeds, second let's call it "problems" with C.G, in my case it's latter. I could solve it "easily" with just one of...
  8. Mac790

    AF-129 another new pusher design.

    It seems that everybody designs pushers now:), I don't have any info at the moment about flight test, etc, just some pictures of completed airplane and renderings. Although I not specially like outside shapes, but I really like the interior, we had a few thread related to dashboards/cockpits, I...
  9. Mac790

    Rotax 912 XL?

    Any ideas, SILENT HEKTIK Automotive Hard- & Software - BigBore Kit mit 1518cc und 112hp für die 912 er Motore personally I'm not so excited about max power 112HP, which might be useful for short period during take off for example, but what I like is 100HP under 5000 RPM. Shouldn't be a big...
  10. Mac790

    Bear 360, Just in case if someone have too much money.

    I just checked out our database, but I haven't found anything about that airplane (can't believe, maybe I missed it) . Seems like a nice airplane, very similar to the Radial Rocket, but this one is has aluminum construction. Here is a link to the web page Bear Aircraft 2-seat tandem sport...
  11. Mac790

    Hydrogen powered glider.

    Sorry if we have a discussion about it already, but I don't recall it, in short it's world first glider with capability to take off using only the power from its hydrogen fuel cell. Just a few links, ILA: Blue sky Antares has green ambitions DLR Portal - DLR motor glider Antares takes off...
  12. Mac790

    Axel, Polish homebuilt glider.

    I found this glider today accidentally, unfortunately I wasn't able to find much info about it. It's a self launchable glider, Retractable engine Self launching take off. Like this canopy:) YouTube - Szybowiec ultralekki Axel Gallery here Picasa Web Albums - gazda - Projekt Axel...
  13. Mac790

    Pereira GP-5, the best wooden plane ever!!!

    I've heard about GP-5 before, but today I saw it for the first time, I (familiar with Pereira GP-4) was expecting a nice airplane but this one is mind blowing:ban:. Can't find words to describe it, What a Bird!!:). Now we need some plans:gig:. Just a few links with some info. The Pylon...
  14. Mac790

    SpaceShipTwo, first free flight.

    Just in case if someone haven't seen it yet, wonder when Burt is going to sell plans for it :gig:, just kidding. Seb
  15. Mac790

    CFD, wind tunnel, and GA aircraft.

    Discussion moved from here Sorry for delay with my response, but I'm very busy at the moment. It's true that you used very similar words in the past, but others weren't...
  16. Mac790

    Burt Rutan cool presentation.

    I hope nobody posted this before. Like in the title Burt's 8 part presentation, interesting and very fuuny. here is part1 part2 I didn't know that Burt was a cheater :gig:. other parts on the Tube. Seb
  17. Mac790

    Outstanding guncam movie.

    Like in the title, there are a lot of unpublished parts before in this movie, shooting Mustang at 2.58 looks really amazing, but I can't understand why a guy at 4.50 was shooting to those two at the beach? First I thought he was only going to scare them, but it really seems that he was aiming at...
  18. Mac790

    CNC tube cutter

    Sounds interesting, but personally I've never seen a homemade CNC tube cutter, I've seen 3/5 axis routers, 3 axis plasma cutters, but nothing like that. In my local area they have something like that...
  19. Mac790

    Rhino users, could you make it?

    Ok, I was thinking about starting this thread in other category (like hangar flying, etc) but because I'm asking about metal part maybe it's a better place for it. In short I was trying to get a flat template out of this pipe (I have about 30-40 more), but I have some problems with current...
  20. Mac790

    What happend with "Renegade" unlimited racer?

    Does anyone know what happend with this plane, did it fly? I've heard that this plane was ready for 2005 Reno races, but was disqualified becuase was too light!! I was looking for more info about it, but I didn't find much. Sorry if we have a thread or discussion related to that plane already...