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    Available aircraft engines: What's out there in diesels?

    This is a question; I have no current information about what's realistically available for diesel aircraft engines today. Deltahawk and Zoche seem to be in the business of vaporware, and several others seem to have active websites and not much else.
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    RFC: V-12 powered scale Mustangs

    Are there any scaled Mustang replicas flying with V-12 engines?
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    Formula 1: Electric Version

    In the "Beat Strega" thread, wwalton suggested an electric air racer class based on Formula 1 air racing. This sounds like an interesting idea, if somebody can cough up a decent sized bucket of prize money. I'm thinking that using the Formula 1 rules for inspiration may be a plan: specify a...
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    Easy CAD program

    I teach high school, and we just got some 3D printers from a school that failed. For these, we need a 3D design program that's easy to learn (the students have the engineering class once per week) and produces .STL files (or something else that can be turned into G-code to drive the printers.)...
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    Spam and how to minimize it

    I've noticed an increase in spam postings, the most recent this morning. These all show similarities: same font, always in boldface, etc. Since this causes some annoyance and work for the mods, I wonder if there is a way to make it tougher. I realize there is no perfect solution, but one...
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    Between-the-war aircraft replicas

    I'm interested in some of the fighters and other combat aircraft from between WW1 and WW2. So my question is, which of these aircraft would be a good choice for a replica, from both a historical (the aircraft's importance) perspective and practicality of build. I'm limiting this to aircraft...
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    WW2-era Italian Fighter Replicas mentioned some WW2-era Italian aircraft, a category that's been woefully ignored in the replica community. Some of these aircraft include the CR.42, the last biplane fighter, the CR.32, the G-55...
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    Pilots who write.

    Where are they? We used to have Gann, Bach, Bax, St Ex(well, not for a long time), ... Are there any coming up? I can't write worth snot. I will bet there's somebody here who can sell an aviation tale. Anybody up for it?
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    V-star mass build

    Way back when -- in 1973 or '74, one of the EAA chapters in suburban Chicago (iirc, it was Joliet) was doing a mass build of V-stars. Does anybody remember this? And, as a more generic question, are there any forum members out there who are working on group builds of a kind of aircraft?