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    altimeter needed

    I am looking to buy a working altimeter for use in my Parasol wing experimental...also may be interested in a cht gauge for a 2 cylinder engine. PM me if anyone can help or has a lead. Thanks
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    Rotax 503 w/ 2.58 gearbox for sale

    I have for sale a SCSI Rotax 503 with 2.58 (A) gearbox for sale, I bought it with no logs so the hours are unknown, it runs perfectly. comes with exhaust and Bing carb. $850.00 I bought this engine intending on using it on my Parasol experimental, I have since decided to use a Generac. I...
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    please Help..Unknown manufacturer

    I have a parasol winged ultralight that I have bought, the person I bought it from got it in Arkansas at an estate sale the original owner had passed away so I have no history. It is Parasol wing, square aluminum tube (keel tube) from engine mount to the vertical stabilizer attach point, 1"...