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  1. Peterson

    Want just ignition control for Renesis

    I am wanting to build up a peripheral intake/side exhaust Renesis with a Holley 500cfm carb. Thinking on building a simple fiberglass tube intake manifold to help keep the carb cool (plenty of exhaust/oil heat for preventing carb ice). 2 stage exhaust via tangential muffler feeding into short...
  2. Peterson

    Anything still use foam/wood?

    I have been intrigued by some classic ultralights which plans either are no longer supported for or are not available in English which used polystyrene foam (such as blue Dow) as wing ribs and sometimes even fuselage panels. These are usually capped in 1/16th ply and covered in lightweight sail...
  3. Peterson

    Super simple circle cutter 9"-69" diameter.

    So for just a few bucks at the hardware store, I made this super simple circle cut guide for my jigsaw with a range of 9"-69" diameter cuts. While I probably won't need to cut a full circle at 69", I may be able to use the curve of a 34.5" radius to contour a cowling or fuselage side. I bought...
  4. Peterson

    Pitot tube on wing vs. fuselage

    So let's say your plane has a removable wing for moving by trailer. The wing attaches with 4 bolts and takes 2-3 guys roughly an hour to set into position, connect the control cables, and get everything tightened down properly. Would it be better to have the pitot tube on the wing with a quick...
  5. Peterson

    Good airframes for O-470?

    Looking at used/rebuilt/rebuildable aircraft power plants, it seems like the Continental O-470 is one of the most affordable for upfront cost, often costing less than O-200/O-235s that seem to be the staples of the homebuilt market. Besides higher maintenance and operations costs associated...
  6. Peterson

    Aviation Communities in Florida

    While I originally grew up in Texas, and have been living in Missouri for a while due to military obligations, I am thinking Florida has a lot to offer as far as aviation communities. I have only ever spent time in Orlando, Pensacola, and Tampa, but have liked all three of those places. I take...
  7. Peterson

    4360 double Volks?

    I don't know too much about weight, but it seems that VW 2180cc engines are good choices for lots of light sports needing 60-70hp. It seems like the people getting more than that do so by turning small props at higher RPMs. Could 2 2180cc engines be coupled at the crank and have their carbs...
  8. Peterson

    Looking for King Ground School books and DVDs

    If anyone has some King school books or videos they want to sell, send me a private message. I'm looking for actual videos, not the DVD -ROMs currently on their web site (I use a Mac, which their website says they don't work with). I may be interested in VHS as well, but my offer will be lower...
  9. Peterson

    Space saving gauge for auto conversion

    I saw this (pretty cool looking) gauge Robot Check And was thinking it would be a nice space saving option for auto conversions. The weight would probably be the same as individual gauges, but it could save some panel space. The shift light could either be removed or used as a prop...
  10. Peterson

    spar design: single box vs. twin beam

    While I still have a lot to learn, it would be cool to eventually build an aircraft of my own design. I see two patterns when it comes to wing design : a box design or a twin beam. What are the pros of cons of each?
  11. Peterson

    Being practical with the homebuilt.vs. certified decision

    So I've considered what I want in a plane verses what I need in a plane, and while not necessarily the most fun sounding option, I think in the long run I'll be happier letting practicality be the number one priority in the decision process. What I've come up with is : What I need...
  12. Peterson

    65hp Hirth F20-BA1/280R

    I have a 65hp Hirth F20 for sale, which is a dual plug version of the 280R sled motor. 650cc, electric start, dual carbs, approx 70lbs. No muffler. Asking $550 obo. Make an offer close enough to my asking price and I'll cover shipping, may sell cheaper if you cover shipping.
  13. Peterson

    K Drive : still available?

    Does anyone know if the K Drive poly v belt PSRU is still available and if so, where to find it? Thanks
  14. Peterson

    Do plans exist for scale Aircobra/Kingcobra replica?

    Just wondering if anyone has scaled down either the Bell Aircobra or Kingcobra. I can't afford to build one, but love the uniqueness of the design. I wouldn't know how to scale a set of plans down either.
  15. Peterson

    Any problems with inverted mounting of Hirth?

    I am currently considering purchasing a Hirth F20 twin plug 650cc inline twin. I have a set of plans that recommends mounting the engine upside down for clearance and using a 4 belt reduction unit. Being a two stroke, oiling shouldn't be an issue and flipping the carbs right side up is easy...
  16. Peterson

    What do you think of this workbench?

    There is a coupon in Flying magazine (probably all the other AOPA magazines too) for this hardwood workbench from Harbor Freight for $139. While you have to be careful what you buy from Harbor Freight, I have gotten some good prices on very usable tools from there in the past. While I wouldn't...
  17. Peterson

    Stick ribs vs. router cut--what are the pros and cons of each?

    I came across a set of plans that had rib drawings for stick or router cutting (Ragwing RW 20 Storch replica) and was wondering what the differences are. It would seem that stick build would go together pretty quickly once the jig was built and it would be easier to match than router cutting...
  18. Peterson

    60% scale Bowers Fly Baby Desk

    I remember a few years back I saw a desk made from a wing section of an airplane and thought it looked pretty cool. I figured that since I need a new desk anyways, and it could be great practice for when I start building my own plane, that I could build my own wing section desk. A bit of...
  19. Peterson

    Flight Physical Question

    I am just a lowly student pilot right now, but still pretty stoked about my first solo flight coming up. I was wondering if the Class 1W flight physical I did with the Army will satisfy the requirements needed to be allowed to solo, or if I will need to get a civilian flight surgeon to give me a...
  20. Peterson

    Non-airworthty or incomplete project wing ribs wanted

    I am looking for 5 similar wing ribs of non -airworthy quality to build a desk from. They should be as similar as possible to eachother. My offer will depend on what you have, and pictures will help me to come up with an offer. Aluminum ribs that are one piece from leading to trailing edge with...