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  1. Brian Clayton

    Rotax Ignition problem. Am I a idiot or just having bad luck?

    Sooooo..... While running my 447 on the ground a month or so ago, it developed a hi speed missfire. So, I went through the usual things like new plugs, check the carb, etc. The problem would come and go. Checked the stator, trigger and coil. Checked okay. Did some crow hops, clean on...
  2. Brian Clayton

    flying wire brackets

    Looking at some biplanes (esp stearman), I notice that some of the wing brace wires are mounted to wire tangs that are "twisted" 90 deg in order to either line up the axis better or other various reasons. When twisting a strap bracket like this, is there a "spec" for the amount of twist? I...
  3. Brian Clayton

    Tiger Moth 80%

    Time for a new project.... Ragwing 80% Tiger Moth replica. Why? Well, I wanted a biplane before I built my UL, but just felt it was too complex for a first airplane project. we go! I was able to get some really nice D Fir, 18' full 1" x 12" boards. 30-36 grains per inch average...
  4. Brian Clayton

    Okay....this personal blimp would be pretty cool.....

    An Airship Blimp You Can Fly FAA Registered Inspected Airworthiness Cert | eBay
  5. Brian Clayton

    DeHavilland Mosquito Resto

    I dont remember seeing this on here before or recently. I saw this linked to another forum I am on. Looks like it is about ready to fly. deHavilland Mosquito Restoration Project - Victoria Air Maintenance Ltd
  6. Brian Clayton

    High Hp homebuilts

    The high hp sport class planes have gotten me thinking. Have there been any "homebuilts" that used the big engines? Radial or V12? I dont mean rebuilding a p51,p40 or geebee from bits, but a actual new design or popular racers of the period?
  7. Brian Clayton

    Hirth 2702 (40hp)

    Selling the hirth 2702 I had on my UL. Figured I would try here before I auction it off. Older 2702, runs good but needs seals. Cranks right up in 2-3 pulls cold and runs great, but oils the sprag on the pull start after about 30 minutes of run time. Gearbox was the older g27, and I have...
  8. Brian Clayton

    We have a new licensed pilot here!!!

    A word of congratulations is needed for one of our own. 1bad88 has become a licensed pilot!!!! Unfortunately he lives too far from me for me to get a ride, but I can still pat him on the back! Well done Justin! :ban: Now hurry up and finish your UL build so you dont need to use the PPL you...
  9. Brian Clayton

    Cassutt, Owl and renegade design new owner

    I have not seen this come up, I hope its not old news. Looks like the Cassutt/owl/renagade rights have been sold. The new owners website is Looks nice so far, and the new owner is currently flying a Cassutt. Looks like he is offering the plans, building materials and...
  10. Brian Clayton

    To the MODs on this board...

    Thanks.... For upholding the rules of posting.
  11. Brian Clayton

    "tailwind" style plane with a radial engine

    If you are like me, you have a strange love of radial engines. Just in case you wanted to see a "tailwind" with a radial.... Its some early cessna before it was cessna design, but it does look a lot like a wittman....The round side windows are a bit odd, and looks a bit hard to see out of the...
  12. Brian Clayton

    Fiberglass over ply wing skins vs cloth

    I need opinion/guidance. I am looking at a nesmith cougar project that needs recovering. The wings are ply covered with fabric over that. I know on the w10 tailwinds, fiberglass was used over the wing skin ply. I like the idea of glassing the wings, instead of fabric. But, other than some...
  13. Brian Clayton

    Inverted Honda engine

    Today I picked up a 1.7 honda engine. I have been wanting to see if a late model engine could be inverted for use as a direct drive engine in the 60-80 hp range. The core I found is a D17a1 engine. Its a aluminum block and head non vtec 24valve sohc engine out of a 2005 Civic. About 105 CI...
  14. Brian Clayton

    Rotax Wiring

    I need a bit of help. On my rotax 447, I have 4 wires that have been hooked up to.....something. The colors are yellow with black strip (runs into coil/ign box), yellow with black stripe (runs inside engine), grey (runs inside engine) and brown (runs inside engine). I am trying to find the...
  15. Brian Clayton

    Olds engine in a plane......circa 1964!

    I saw this is a old hot rod magazine today....
  16. Brian Clayton

    Airplane racing....
  17. Brian Clayton

    A flight aboard the DoX. 1930
  18. Brian Clayton

    Very,very, very Vintage Ultralights

    The DH-53 Hummingbird: The de Havilland DH.53 Humming Bird is a British light aircraft of the 1920s. Wikipedia Top speed: 73 mph (117 km/h) Length: 19' 8" (5.99 m) Wingspan: 30' (9.17 m) First flight: 1923 Manufacturer: de Havilland Powered by a 26 hp engine. A little fat for todays...
  19. Brian Clayton

    wiring diagram for hirth 2702

    I am attempting to wire up my hirth 2702 in my Ul. The problem I have is that I have 6 wires coming out of the crank case. The manuals I can find on the internet, don't match up with all of the wire colors that I have. What I have is white, white w/ black stripe, yellow, yellow w/ black...
  20. Brian Clayton

    Ragwing Rw8 pt2s

    Time to start a new project. After shopping around for various incomplete projects and inexpensive colts and the like, I decided to just build my own 2 seater with dual controls. Why a ragwing? For one they are inexpensive and easy to build. All of Roger Mann's designs are pretty much the...