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  1. rheuschele

    What airport is this?

    So, just for curiosity sake, where is the runway used in dodge commercials? I was curious if it was real, or computer generated seeing how there are absolutely no buildings anywhere in the backgrounds.
  2. rheuschele

    Bye Bye Kitplanes

    I know, not a lot of people care for this magazine but there are a couple of knowledgeable writers, or at least where a couple. It seems like each year the articles become more and more like reading a high school book report rather than information to help make decisions. In fact, most of what...
  3. rheuschele

    Best headset for the price?

    Not sure if this is the best place to ask this, but I've decided that I will invest in a good headset this year at airventure. So I'm asking for opinions on what the best bang for the buck in headsets are. I know the easy answer is something around $1000 but was hoping that someone could point...
  4. rheuschele

    Rotax 912

    Anyone know where I can get information on the possible value of a 912 with a few hundred hours on it? I have an opportunity to buy one but don't know how to put a price on it. Also what to check or look for. Ron
  5. rheuschele

    Wood supplier near St. Louis

    A while ago I came across a supplier near the St. Louis area. I'll be darned if I can find it again. Anyone have an idea about who and where this is? ron
  6. rheuschele

    Illinois Fee's

    Ok I apologize, this has nothing to do with homebuilt but does have to do with fee's. I got a notice the other day stating that the state of Illinois wants $10 from me because I am a pilot. No other reason. They just want $10. Could anyone tell me what this is for? They didn't issue my license...
  7. rheuschele

    Thinnest plywood available

    This may be strange, but does anyone know where I can get 1mm (approx) sheets of NON aircraft plywood? Ron
  8. rheuschele

    Sitka Spruce supplier in Chicago.

    Every once in a while I get to visit this lumber supplier in Des Plaines IL. They are Owl Hardwood and have a great selection of different woods. I asked for the Sitka Spruce section and sure enough,they've got it, and it looks great. However, don't ask them for aircraft wood, they won't sell...
  9. rheuschele

    Books on aviation

    I have a teenage daughter who has no interest in aviation. Can anyone recommend a book, either fact or fiction that could capture her interest in flying? I'm looking for stories, not something to cure insomnia. Something that she could write book reports on. Something that would make her start...
  10. rheuschele

    200 hour build time

    Just recently I came across an ad for a kit plane that had a 200 hour build time. I didn't have time to read it thoroughly, but I'll be darned if I can find it again. Anyone know of such a plane? ron
  11. rheuschele

    Looking for a good book.

    Or video, I need to start learning more about avionics and what works with what. Can anyone suggest some titles for me to start studying? Ron
  12. rheuschele

    Whats wrong with this?

    Magnificent Machine LLC I know in an earlier discussion, this company was talked about but very little. Why wouldn't it be a good idea to use the composite parts they sell? Ron
  13. rheuschele

    Good all around antenna?

    I'm about to enclose my fin (wood structure) and I would like to place my antenna there. However I have not even come close to picking out what radios I plan to use. I sure could use some advice on a good all around antenna to put in the fin that can be used with most radios. Any...
  14. rheuschele

    RV6A nose gear

    I have purchased and RV6A nose gear to put on my project. The castering nose gear and wheel seem to take quite a bit to turn and spin. For those of you with an RV, is this normal? Is it tight to keep it from vibrating or should it be loose? Ron
  15. rheuschele

    Re-grinding props

    Is there a place on the web that I can get tolerances and measurements for propellers to be ground down to? Ron
  16. rheuschele

    My website for my project.

    Ok, I'm not very good at this website building but I thought I would give it a try. My project is an "Asso V" and I've included only a few pictures because I'm still figuring out how to add pics. Every time I add pics they don't show up on the limited space. Ron
  17. rheuschele

    Honda Engine?

    What ever happened the the Honda engine? It was a big deal at Osh but nothing in the last few years. Did they give up? Is it a big secret? If I remember it was going to be a big deal then nothing. Anyone know what happened? Ron
  18. rheuschele

    The making of a nose gear

    Ok, I didn't know where else to put this question. I want to make my nose gear a castering nose gear, similar to the Grummans or RV-12. If someone was to make the castering part, what type of aluminum would they use? Would you make it from a single block? I've seen one at Osh that was a block...
  19. rheuschele

    Making 6mm plywood

    Ok, Parts of my plan call for 6mm plywood and I'm out. I'm looking at one of two options. I can send out for a piece and it will cost me more in shipping than the ply, or I can glue 2 pieces of 3mm together that I have plenty of in my shop with no other use for it right now. Does anyone have...
  20. rheuschele

    So, how come I don't see any info on using a Dodge hemi?

    After all, isn't it halfway set up with the dual spark plugs anyway? I know it's a lot of HP so it would be for the race fans but I've just never even seen a mention about it. ron